Tips to At-Home Pain Killer Withdrawal & Addiction Recovery

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7 Steps and Tips To Do It Yourself At-Home Withdrawal and Addiction Recovery

painkiller withdrawal and addiction

By: Reilly Johnson

The first thing I should tell you is,

YOU can’t quit if you don’t want to quit.

The 2nd thing I should tell you is,

No one can quit for you.

Only you can change for good. The best teacher in the world can’t help someone who does not want it. We can show you the door, you have to walk through it. The painkiller withdrawal tips  below can help.

Step 1 – Decide You Will Finally Quit

This step is much harder than people give it credit for. Because, unfortunately many have to hit rock bottom before finally quitting. But make your #1 goal to be to quit, no matter what it takes. Resolve right now you will succeed. Decide you will quit.

Step 2 – Develop a Rock Solid 3-Phase Painkiller Quit, Withdrawal, Recover Game Plan

In order to quit, you need to create a detailed plan mapping how you will quit. Try and plan ahead for obstacles. Develop the knowledge for you to change. Carefully plan your way through each phase with a plan designed to get you from point a to point b in the least amount of time.

Step 3 – Commit to Your Game Plan 110% Percent!

Often times, people will make a plan, get everything prepared and then… nothing happens. Commit you will follow your plan through no matter what. You need total commitment and determination. Get charged up about what you can succeed. Have a can’t stop, will not be stopped attitude. You can do it!

Step 4 – Take Final Painkiller, Eliminate All Supplies

Take your last pill and get rid of your supplies. Be sure you cut off all suppliers of drugs.  And remember If you can get opiates in 1 or 2 phone calls it’ll be real hard for you to stay clean.Do not underestimate the importance of this. Eliminating drugs from your life will further improve your odds of success.

Step 5 – Detox from Opiates, Painkiller Withdrawals

This stage usually lasts between 5 and 21 days, depending on what and how much you were using. Your body will hurt like hell but you only have one goal, just get through it. Plan ahead for problems.

Step 6 – Early Recovery & Addiction Management

This stage lasts from 4 weeks – 4 months. This stage begins when your withdrawal symptoms are gone and you’ve stayed clean. The goal is to continue to set goals and keep improving, sticking to new habits and recovering.

During this time you should absolutely add new exciting habits to your life. Replace old bad habits with new positive ones. Go back to school, get a new job, start working out, read self help books, work to improve yourself. Learn successful life habits.

Step 7 – Mid-Term Recovery & Addiction Maintenance

Welcome to your mid term. Now you’ve been off drugs for 3 months or longer. Hopefully you’ve developed new good habits and have a new-found self confidence.

This stage is where you follow and stick to your new positive habits like a lunatic. Do not become complacent, complacency can lull you into bad situations. It can make you think you’re smarter than you are. This is the stage where you put the past completely behind you and become a new better you.

Step 8 – Long Term Freedom

The people who quit for good are the ones who replace negative habits with new positive habits. They’ll be able to replace old negative friends with new positive friends. You start to do more with your time, you find compelling things that engage you, thats a secret to at home opiate withdrawaland addiction

Remember to keep the course and continually put yourself in positive situations where success is natural. Decide what you want, commit to a plan stay and gain fulfillment in your life. You can win against at home painkiller withdrawal and addiction. Keep the attitude you’ll never give up. If you fail, you’ll get right back up and try again, and you’ll keep doing this until you win.  

I’ll leave you this for inspiration…

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  2. Great…just Great….You are doing the best job ever to help so many people with these kind of problems in life, Reilly !!! Very helpfull and Worthfull website..!!! Thanks a lot.!!!..Before registering I have been browsing and reading a lot here…We realy appreciate what YOU are doing, !!!

  3. 1500 attempts beats giving in anyday

    Hi I must throw it out there your web-site has brought me back again and again and again. I have picked up some new knowledge and added stuff to other areas I was already in the know about.
    I have been using H for about 15years and my Dr.has had me on the Suboxone 8’s for almost 3years. About 2weeks ago I finally had it, my boyfriend and I have been looking into this stuff called Colliodal Silver and he made us up little bit. I have been drinking about 1cup a day and I tell you honestly kicking Suboxone 8’s after 3yrs & 15years on H, has been an experience and a half theres only bit a very small amount of restless legs but its not that bad like if I went cold turkey.Theres been none of that fealing like your backs cracked in half, no sweats nor hot flashes either.I can sleep every night and in the morning yeah I may wimp out and be a little lazy but truth be told it’s nothing like what I’ve gone through before even when I couldn’t make it into my pharmacy for 2days.So far the worst of it has been a little light headedness and sore legs (probably.about 85%less intense since drinking the colliodal silver). Check it out it’s been what I call a life saver and god sent. You tube Dr.Bob Beck Colliodal Silver.

    1. 1500 attempts beats giving in anyday

      P.S Reilly you have really compiled a very informative website that I have enjoyed checking out. You are one in a million Thanks for taking the time and for helping all of us that look at your site and that are benefiting from your informative and inspirational words from yourself and others like us all. It’s sure a boost to know that I’m not the only one with the issues I do.
      Keep up the great work, it’s nice see places where sincerity and kindness towards others runs wild!!!

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