Opiate Addiction Treatment Options

If you or a loved one is struggling with Opiate Addiction
home opioid dependence treatment options
then you may just need to learn more about opiate addiction treatments.

Opiate Addiction Treatment Options that really help can be hard to find.

Many times opioid abusers need to study their addiction and  learn about the consequences of their actions themselves. Sometimes all an addict my need is the light shined in the right way for him/her.

After all, opioid addiction can happen to anyone, anytime.

It usually happens innocently enough. Maybe you were hurt at work or in a car accident. For the pain your doctor wrote you a prescription pain killer.

Depending on how serious your injuries the doctor could prescribe you this opioid for days, weeks, months, or even years if you have chronic pain. Opioid addiction and dependence can strike anytime.

And when you finally realize how terrible opiate addiction is and how it controls your life, trying to quit can be a giant test. And those with a steady supply can find it much harder to quit because they are not forced to quit like those who simply run out.

You need form a plan of action and execute. There’s a lot of steps you’ll need to take to be opioid free. There is a good chance you’ll need to re create the life you are currently living. Many times the people around you, who you think are your friends are not your friends. Often their friendship is as flimsy as your next pill. Opiates can absolutely take a hold and change the person you are. You MUST be careful!

We’ve created a home opioid dependence treatment plan you can do from home. Home addiction/ dependence treatment  is NOT for everyone. After all most people don’t have thousands to throw away on rehabs and doctors.



  • I stumbled upon your post while reihercasng possible ways to get my percocet cheaper because I just can’t afford it. I am 26 and have been a chronic pain patient for all of my adult life. I constantly take my pain medication and the truth is I am always still in pain. My family doctor is a godsend because if I did not have him I know I would have died by now as I am not a strong enough person to live with the excruciating pain without medication. I love my doctor because I know he is the reason I am able to see my kids grow but when I moved I thought about switching to a closer physician so I would not have to drive to his office each month. I was treated so horribly by the doctor I saw that before I left I was in tears. I’ve never been treated so much like a piece of trash. I do not choose to be in the pain that I am in! Even though I take 240 pain pills a month I am always in pain still because it is not strong enough. I’ve done tons of testing, I’ve tried a lot of different medicines and even some trial studies but I’ve never been able to get to a point where I am comfortable. I’ve never been able to say that I enjoy living and although I am only 26 I can tell you with absolute honesty I do not fear death anymore. I’ve been bankrupted by medical tests and treatments and still I’ve never gotten an answer as to exactly what is causing my pain. I now know that there are at least six medical problems I have with my spine and in the past few years my joints have begun to give out. I must receive shots in my shoulder and knee because I keep getting worse. When I have x-rays done the technician usually will have a look of awe on her face at what she sees and I’ve even been called a liar by one when I told her I was not involved in a car accident.My point in posting is that I understand the issues you have being a doctor but it seems that you cannot imagine what a pain patient must go through. People commit suicide because they cannot handle the pain and if for just one day you were able to experience what I go through to try to live a regular life you would have a brand new outlook. I know it is difficult for doctors because there are a lot of abusers out there but you cannot group everyone into the same class! Doctors need to give us a chance and review our medical records before they pass judgement and treat a person like a worthless piece of lying garbage. And before rejecting every single person that asks for help how about you treat them and do tests for yourself. Do not give medicine until you are 100% confident they are in severe pain. You are not forced to give me medicine but if you would just look at the problems I have you would be able to confidently say that this guy needs my help. I am 26. I cannot play with my children like a normal father can. I cannot pick my kids up and I cannot go on rides at amusement parks. I cannot go on vacations because I can’t sit in the car that long and I have a difficult time keeping a job because of my issues. I was told by my doctor to go on disability but I cannot afford to do that and feed myself and my kids let alone buy my medicine. I am in terrible pain and getting up each morning is the worst part of my day and sitting at a desk at work is excruciating as well. I cannot move out of state for a job promotion or family because no doctor in the country wants to deal with anyone that actually have problems.I cannot live a normal life as it is. I do not need a scared doctor making me feel worse than I already do. You have good reasons for being scared but why is it so difficult for a doctor to make a decision based on test results? You do not have to just throw medicine at people when they walk in the door. Make them work for it by going through the proper steps like I’ve been doing for the past 8 years. You will find that many are not lying based on the test results and those that you do not confidently feel need narcotics should be sent elsewhere.Please just reconsider what you are doing to the people that really need your help. There are good people out there that already live a terrible life of pain. They don’t need it worsened by being accused of being a drug addict just looking for drugs by those that they need to help them. Please just reconsider because even if the fad does pass, it will be too late form many people. You are talented and need to trust your own judgement.Thank youP.S. I still can’t afford my medicine I haven’t found any program that will help pay for narcotics. Just depression pills and stuff like that. Mind blowing how those of us who are in pain get the shaft from every aspect of society Thank you for allowing me to post my frustration.

  • @ Nency

    You could not have said it better. the problem i have is my wife (no pain problems) has developed a habit worse than it takes for me to get through a day, we are labeled drug addicts by everyone and all my meds are gone whithin two weeks because she takes a third of them.

    now, if she has to stop then so do i, because thats only fair.. forget the pain that has destroyed my life, i can just live with that. but because she has abused my meds for so long “we are both addicts and need to stop”. i can honestly say, if she didnt touch my meds i could easily make it month to month.


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