Top 10 Quick & Easy Opiate Withdrawal Home Remedies

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Discover 9 Opiate Withdrawal Home Remedies For Quick and Easy Relief
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By: Reilly Johnson

Opiate withdrawal home remedies that actually work are few and far between. Most remedies promise the world, get your hopes up only to fail to deliver the relief you so desperately need. Thats why I’ve created this post, to help you discover easy natural remedies for withdrawal relief. For the last 7 years I’ve experienced, studied and tested remedies that really do provide relief to many opiate withdrawal symptoms. Because if you can get through opiate withdrawals without relapsing your chances of success improve infinitely.

Here’s the 10 Quick and Easy Opiate Withdrawal Home Remedies!

1. Take a Warm Bath or Soak in a Hot Tub


One of the best ways to temporary relieve painful withdrawal symptoms is to take a hot bath or to get in the hot tub. Hot baths and showers can offer SIGNIFICANT relief for many painful opiate withdrawal symptoms. Warm water can relievtension, muscle spasms, body aches & a lot more discomfort from withdrawal. You can also try EPSOM SALT or one of many other herbal healing Bath Salts.

Keep in mind, hot water only provides temporary relief as a home remedy for acute withdrawal symptoms. Swimming in local lakes, neighborhood watering holes and pools can boost mood, provide some relief and help you forget about your withdrawal pain even if it’s only momentarily.

2. Go Tanning and Get Sun!


When you’re hurting like hell from opioid withdrawal symptoms, why not use sun’s healing rays to help? The bottom line is the sun’s rays are necessary for all life on this earth to grow and prosper, so we should also harness the suns power.  Strong bright light produces the chemical serotonin which can improve mood and aids in sleep. The sun is a great source of Vitamin D which scientific studies estimate at least half the population is deficient in. The sun can surely be your ally from opiate withdrawal hell.

So hit the deck or backyard and get some sun! Start small to test your skin tolerance but don’t stay out that long, Like 5 – 10 minutes per side. I’m also going to say people who tan usually look a little better than people who don’t.


3. Little-Know Legal Supplements Can Ease Many of Your Most painful Opioid Withdrawal Symptoms


There are only a handful of supplements that actually work for immediate relief from withdrawal symptoms. Fortunately for you I’ve discovered three best legal over the counter supplements known to man.available. So to not keep you waiting, they are...

1) Kratom to reduce muscle pain and cravings, plus improves energy and motivation.
2) Phenibut to relief tension and anxiety, ease body aches and to aid in deep relaxed sleep.

4. Sleep A Lot, Reflect and Meditate On Your Future


Sleep as much as you can your first few days. Your body will need rest for recovery when withdrawing. You might have heard what weight lifters say, you don’t get big when you lift, you get big when you go home and go to sleep. That’s when your body heals the most. Opiate withdrawal no different, you’ve beat it up physically and sleep is crucial for your recovery. Another method is meditation.

Meditation is known to offer a wide range of health benefits including, improved thinking, increased self-control, greater awareness, and even greater immunity. But the problem with meditation is learning how to dom it requires the patience of a zen munk. The process is clumsy, difficult, and requires infinitely more focus than most of us have. Enter Holosync, a specialized audio program developed to take the work out of meditation.


Before beginning Holosync I’d been through a dramatic breakup – I was filled with sadness, anxiety, dread and self doubt. I was struggling to hold it together when a family member who had success using Holosync recommended I give it a shot.

After 9 days of using the program for 30 minutes a day I began to notice subtle changes. For instance I felt greater self control in my life and my emotions were kept in check. After 30 days of use my ability to think calmly and collectively was improved. But the most profound effect of all was my dramatically improved self-awareness. This awareness helped me to get outside of myself & examine the problems that plagued my life – It allowed me to act rationally – rather than emotionally.

With that said, I don’t think Holosync is for everyone but I’m certain it can help some. Visit the Holosync website to learn more.

5. Eat Healthier! Stick to Whole Foods, Grains, Vegetables and Fruit

vegetables for opioid addiction

“A man may esteem himself happy when that which is his food is also his medicine.” - Henry David Thoreau

Chances are if you abuse opiates you probably eat poorly. Lets face it, most opiate abusers diet consists of fast food, candy, it’s all processed food that is not healthy. You could be severely lacking in essential vitamins and minerals.  Most people who abuse opiates and drugs are deficient in many vital nutrients essential for health.

Many don’t eat when they take their opioids to get maximum absorption. For example many people don’t eat in the morning, so when they take their opioids they get maximum absorption.

Most people aren’t aware of the massive amounts of junk they pile into their stomachs each day. Your body wasn’t made to to break down an endless stream of processed food, preservatives and dangerous taste additives like MSG (monosodium glutamate), pesticides and chemicals every day.

If you commit to eating a healthy diet of vegetables, fruits, whole grains and chicken you’ll find your energy levels will improve and your health problems will get better. Improve your eating habits and you’ll improve almost all aspects of your health.

6. Weight Train to Release “Feel Good” Endorphins

exercise for oxycontin addiction

Exercise is probably the single best natural way to produce endorphins naturally – which are your body’s own opiates. But to release these feel good chemicals you must exercise vigorously. The stronger the physical demands you place on your body, the greater the release of endorphins. Weight training is definitely one of the best possible home remedies for opiate withdrawal - regardless if you’re male or female. Read how weight training can help you overcome addiction.

7. Go Get a Massage!


Massages are amazing for opiate withdrawal symptom relief. Not a lot of things feel better. Massages gets deep into your muscle tissue and can release tightness, muscle aches, back spasms and pain. I promise if you, get yourself a massage when you’re withdrawing and you will not regret it.

Try to remember to drink as much water as you possibly can, because massages can loosen up a lot of internal gunk. So the more water you drink, the more flush out the bad and the better you’ll feel. Don’t underestimate how much better this will make you feel even if it’s only temporary.

8. Take Vitamins and Minerals to Restore Depleted Brain Chemicals Dopamine and Serotonin

eVitamins Vitamins and Supplements up to 70% off!

When you get high on opiates 2-10x more dopamine is released into the brain vs what your natural rewards system releases. To compensate for these continued surges of dopamine your body will The longer you use opioids for, the less natural dopamine your body will produce.automatically begin producing less. Most opiate abuser’s brain chemicals are completely off and that’s a big reason why people are so down during the detox. There brains neurotransmitters (feel good chemicals) are not in sync with the body for balance. Luckily for you I’ve discovered this crucial part here,

Must Read Article: “How to restore brain chemicals dopamine and serotonin after addiction.”

9. Ancient Chinese Therapy – Try Acupuncture for Fast and Effective Narcotic Withdrawal Relief


Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese therapy used to relieve pain and treat stress-related health conditions. Then practitioners believe energy, known as chi flows through the body along pathways called meridians bringing health and any blockage of this energy causes illness. Traditional Chinese Acupuncture’s believe it unblocks and free’s energy, known as , the flow of chi. Thus maintaing balance and restoring health.

Acupuncture works by inserting very thin needles into the skin at specific points or meridians on the body. This usually does not hurt. And here’s what we know about if it works:

    • Studies have shown acupuncture can significantly decreases stress-related muscular pain by up to 50% or more.
    • MRI studies have found acupuncture modulates brain regions regulating pain and emotion.
    • Studies indicate acupuncture increases body circulation and stimulates area’s that may have not been working very well previously. not been working that good.
    • Releases endorphins, feel good chemicals known as the body’s own opiates.

As you can see acupuncture can be very beneficial to improving physical and emotional well being. Why not try out acupuncture if it could help you?.

10. Do What You Like, Lean Everything You Can and Plan Your Future!

Opiate Addiction Success

Believe it or not, learning builds self-confidence. The more you learn about things, the great skill and value you posess. The quicker you find your skill and apply it in work, the happier you will become. Commit yourself to getting great at something, anything and develop a unique skill. Find books on how to do what you do better. Learn how you can monetize your skill set. Start a life a plan, how will you make your current situation better? Here are the most common things most of us can improve on:

1) Financial – A helluva a lotta people doing opioids aren’t in the best financial circumstances.

2) Physical Health – How will you improve your health? What specific methods will you try to make you feel better.

3) Emotional Well Being – How will become a person who is happy and confident? How will you be an inspiration to those around you?

It’s very important you create a plan for a better future for you and your loved ones now. See the end goal happening. Meaning, you need to create a mental movie in your head of how you will get from where you are now to a wonderful future.

If you’d like to learn more about The Opiate Freedom Center and opiate withdrawal home remedies! Check out the articles below as I made them easy to learn more. I hope you got value out of his article in some way. 

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Thank you for reading. 

Here’s a great Al Pacino motivational video I’ll leave with you…



  • Jessica, I respect some of your feelnigs about this problem, yet others I can’t.I agree that there are a lot of people who claim they have severe back pain & go in to get an exorbitant amt. of pain meds. Doctors are stuck because back pain is hard to prove.Being a pain patient for awhile now, I can tell U that I’ve seen some in that waiting room that I could physically see they were taking too much pain meds. Their eyes were all red & bleary & their speech was impaired. Nobody on pain meds for pain should be showing those symptoms. Those people were getting a buzz off of it. It was obvious.A patient who is in true pain will never get a Buzz from their pain meds. The only thing the meds do, is relieve some pain for them. That is their purpose. And here is where I totally disagree with U. Pain medication is not only meant for cancer patients. People have different types of pain from different causes. When pain is Acute , your need for pain meds/narcotics/Opioids should not be permanent. It should be very short lived. But when your pain is chronic, and U cannot find any relief from any other type of medication or therapy, there aren’t many things U can turn to.If I could have a decent, normal life without taking meds, I would be fine without them. But this I can’t do. Believe me, I tried. I tried for at least 10 of the 18 yrs. I have had my problem. After this, my doctor recommended some pain management and meds. Strong meds. I’ve seen people taking much more in volume than I take, so I don’t feel that I’m using it as a dependency thing. I take only as much as I can find some relief from.It doesn’t matter which type U take. What matters is which type works for your pain. If Tylenol works for U, then great, U take that. If regular aspirin works better for U, then take that. Everyone is different as well as their pain is different. We all have different tolerances for pain also. Unfortunately, once your in pain for a lot of years, U also develop a lower tolerance for it. I used to have a very high tolerance, but I find I’m not as strong against it anymore. I’m tired of being brave. I’m in pain !! Help me !!If I should develop cancer in my future, I truly pray that I can be brave & not take too much medication for my pain. But I promise U that if I do need it, I want it !!To refuse to treat a patient in pain with the correct medication is cruel & unethical. And if it happens to be an Opioid, then it must be.I’m happy that U don’t have chronic intractable pain in your life. If U ever should get it, I hope U can find a compassionate doctor who will not prejudge U. And I’m sure at this moment U will say to me that U will not take strong meds. You’ll make do on Tylenol or something other than Opioids/narcotics. But just wait n’ see. Wait n’ see what your trying to deal with & if U have the strength to avoid strong meds. Honey .when U take every type of over the counter help that’s there & nothing helps at all where will U turn ? Will U just suffer for the rest of your life ? Will U be willing to not get out of bed each day & not be able to get yourself dressed & washed & fed or take care of your kids ?Are U willing to do that, just to be able to tell everybody that U don’t take strong medications ? That’s insane & ridiculous. If U wish to be a martyr, U may do that. But don’t expect everybody else to be one with U.I’m sorry for the loss of your relative. But U still cannot judge their pain with another’s pain. They are all different.One person can take a 5mg. pill & get totally knocked out from it, while another could take 50 mg. pill & not feel anything. I can’t explain to U why. I just know it is.It’s my guess that your relative did have either a high pain tolerance, or was taking other treatment to help in addition what U knew of.Can U say that U can compare the pain of falling down & cutting your knee, to the pain U may have from a bad toothache ? I don’t know if all cancer pain is the same, depending on which type U may have. From what I’ve seen or been told, different cancers bring different levels of pain for each person. Knowing this I would say U don’t have the right to criticize anyone for taking pain medication that is stronger than your relative took. Some people need 3 sugars to make their coffee sweet enuff to drink. Others only use one. Which one is right ? Do U get my point ?

    • Back and neck pain are subjective to a point, but MRI’s can pretty much substantiate most all claims. However, everyone experiences pain at different levels.

      When some people hurt bad enough, they don’t mind going thru exuciating shot treatments, RFAs and even surgeries.
      (Radio Frequency Ablation- burn nerves on multi levels in spine to desensitize them). Effective up to 12-18 months, maybe more,
      Depending on the person.

      This helps give a doctor a pretty good idea if a person is faking or not.

  • I have been on opiates for 7 years now. I have seeked proffesional help different times,but
    Nothing helped. I was being treated and still doing drugs. We could`nt figure out why i was on 190mgs of methadone and still craving drugs. Blood work was done and the results i have a very high metabalisim. I have decided to do it myself, cold turkey. I hate the way it makes me feel coming off drugs. Im going to try these home remedies and hope they will work for me. A few years back i came off drugs on my own, i was in so much pain i thought for sure i was going to die. I could not eat, sleep,had to force myself to even take a drink of water. But finally the nightmare was over. It took 42 days but after it was all over it was worth it to me. I was clean for 1year, then i made the biggest mistake of using thinking this time i could control the drug. Lol. I pray these home remedies work for me. I want off these drugs more than anything. Thanks you for posting these remedies.

  • Thank you for all your info! This was exactly what I was looking for. Keep it up!

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  • After nearly 30 yrs of smoking marijuana I decided to quit. Already having high blood pressure which was under control, it is getting worse. Insomnia is a fact now. It has been 1 week. Still waiting for relief. My mood has actually got better since quitting, but nervousness and anxiety are still present only when I am not occupied with work. How long will this take?

  • Enjoyed the motivational videos.

  • Hi! I love this post! Very informative and good tips on a healthy, natural detox. Sometimes, people don’t have the option of tapering slowly and these are wonderful bits of advice.

  • I agree with this post and this seems to be a great article with some very valuable information. What i don’t agree with is the first comment. While I not only understand I also agree with are: their are many different types of pain that have little or no
    factual or proven treatment to provide to people and that everyone is different, some having very little ways to moderate their pain problem. But my problem with the comment is that you seem to me like you have an addiction to opiates. I would like to say I was an opiate addict for 2 years and I have now been clean for almost a year now. And I realized during my addiction problem was that everyone that has a dependence on a substance has a problem no matter of you are using them for pain or not. Your life depends on them either way whether recreation use that leads to physical withdrawal or using it to stop pain and it is prescribed to you because you are still getting the SAME physical/mental withdrawal as the person who stole their gmoms pain meds. How many times have people gotten addicted to their pain meds they were prescribed for a short amount of time and that lead to an opiate dependency? Hundreds of thousands of times. Yes, it may be the only way you can function but wouldn’t that be called a dependency? If all opiates were taken away, would you completely stop your use? And then for you to say no one that is prescribed opiates uses them to get high is absolutely ridiculous. People do all the time! And usually the people who sell them on the street are prescribed them. Either way whatever reason you are using them for you are still putting horrible toxins into your body and it is slowly deteriorating/killing you each day. My personal decision would be to take them off the market completely. They are abused way to much and will never ever stop until something along those lines is done. I’m completely for people having the human right to rid off their pain but my personal opinion would be to go another route to cure pain even if it works for ya.
    It is a horrible drug and should have never been put on the market because of what is it doing right now in every single person who reads this’ backyard, literally. it is a never ending addiction cycle especially if you think your reason for doing them should allow you to do them. And for whoever who reads this and is an opiate addict take your life and wht you are doing serious. Quit before you dig yourself into a hole where theres no going back and in ten years your dead, in jail or in the streets. Real shit.

  • These drugs DO NOT kill pain. I’ve tried all the opiates there are. The negatives of these pills out weighs the positive in so many different ways. The big pharm. companies, the government, the FDA do not care how many lives this shit is destroying. Just keep making more stronger pills that are the most highly addictive things on the planet.

  • Thank you for this. I am going in day 2 of complete cold turkey from my perks. The worst part is the cold sweats :( I’m gonna try some of this stuff and hope it works!!

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