How long is oxycontin withdrawal symptom duration?

How long does oxycontin withdrawal duration last? Oxycontin is one of the deadliest opiates available and for almost 1o years oxycontin has been a huge player in the US pharmaceutical market and made millions of people instant addicts.

Very few drugs have had the impact of oxycontin. You can swallow it, snort it or heat it up and inject it directly into veins, making it very similar to heroin. Many people refer to it as the rich mans heroin. It’s more expensive then heroin but many people feel the same effects.

So the question is, “How long does withdrawal from oxycontin last?” That’s a great question and there is no uniform answer. It depends on 3 things.

1) How much have you been using?
2) How long have you been using?
3) How often have you been using?

Obviously there is no “Right” answer, It all depends on each individuals body chemistry, their tolerance and their usage. But if you were to talk to someone right off the street and ask them how long it took for them to withdrawal from oxycontin most people would tell you 3 full days up to 2 weeks. Most people who have battled oxycontin withdrawals will tell you as I have, it all depends. But even after people have fully recovered from their symptoms by no means does it mean their healed, or no long an addict. All it means is that the very uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms have ceased. Their’s still a lot of work that needs to happen for you to recover fully and get to the point where you no longer crave oxy.

So in short, your oxycontin withdrawal duration will be between 3 days and 2 weeks. After you’ve successfully beaten your withdrawals you can move on to the next stage, which is moving past drugs and developing new positive habits so you can lead a better more productive life.

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