How to quit opiates and beat addiction once and for all

Recovering from a prescription drug addiction is made easier by having the right information.

One of the very first steps how to quit prescription drug addiction is to develop “awareness”.

What is awareness?

Awareness allows you to step back, and examine a problem without attachment or emotion. Awareness is stepping back and looking at the problem in a new way. It helps
you to realize what you’ve been doing wrong and how you can take responsibility and change. The primary goal of The OFC has always been to raise your level of awareness when it comes to prescription drug addiction and recovery, what works and what doesn’t, no frills.

The first level of awareness is to absolutely positively know that opiates
and drugs don’t make you feel good, that they actually make you feel bad
mentally and physically.

Do you remember the first time you did opiates? I do, a
friend of mine gave me 2 hydrocodone 10 mg pills, we called them robin eggs
because of their blue color. I had a work Christmas party to get to that night,
but after taking those 2 robin eggs I couldn’t make it. I was sick as a dog and
could barely move. I couldn’t even get out of bed until the next morning.
My body hated those pills.

Your body also hates pills and wants to be free
from them so it can function at a high level once again.

For your recovery to work long term you also have to convince your mind they’re no good. A close friend of mine thought opiates made him bulletproof. He’d take pills,
get all-talkative and start acting like he was invisible. He’d go to parties and act a fool
because he thought they gave him more confidence, he thought they made him better
looking and that people liked him more when he was on them. Nothing could be
further from the truth.

People didn’t like him more, they liked him a lot less.

He was actually getting less and less
confident the more he took the opiates. Drugs make you physically, mentally and emotionally
weak. They shatter your self-confidence, deplete your body of essential vitamins and minerals, lower your immune system, and make you physically dependent and extremely ill.

But the question remains, how do you recover from prescription drug addiction when you’re so used to the artificial “high” on a daily basis? What do you do when you’ve become so accustomed to prescription pills and pain killers? How do you make the change last? How do you get back to the normal happy state
you once loved as a child?

I’ll try to help you with that now.

One key is to know in your heart that they are poison and that no good comes from them.
There are NO benefits. You must get your body and mind used to being without them.
You need to ENJOY being sober.

I know first hand how hard that is. When I quit taking opiates I
substituted with heavy use of alcohol and marijuana for several months. I
thought I needed something, I just couldn’t deal with being completely sober.

So how’d I quit weed and alcohol once and for all?

I was playing poker at a friend’s house and everyone was
drinking except one friend of mine. I’ve known this friend for 10
years and he’s always been a heavy drinker, so I asked him,
“No drinking tonight?” And he told me, “I’m taking this month off.”

Wow, that struck me to my core. I had always felt that I probably had
more self-control than him when it came to that sort of thing. But I was wrong.

My friend had the self-control
to sit in a room with a bunch of others drinking and not drink, when he’s
drank heavily his entire adult life. He showed me through his example what strength of mind really is. He showed me what was possible. He raised my level of awareness that night.
If he could quit, I could quit too.

So I told myself I’d do the same thing, I’d quit drinking and smoking for the rest of that month too. I committed to it 100% and I also was able to finish the month without drinking.

That taught me to take smaller steps for bigger goals. Just get through the day 1. Then get through day 2. It ain’t always gonna be pretty but sometimes you just gotta grind that shit out. And just last. And be totally committed to a new vision you’ve begun planning.

And of course later on, I tried drinking alcohol again.

And it made me feel TERRIBLE. I couldn’t sleep, I woke up
with a headache, it made me miserable. My BODY and MIND HATED it.
After I got used to sobriety, my body or mind no longer craved drugs and in fact,
it made me sick. After that, it was easy to stay clean and sober from prescription drug addiction.

If you get off opioids for one month you won’t want to go back.
Because your withdrawal pain will diminish. Your body will begin to come ALIVE!
The cobwebs in your mind will CLEAR! The control over your life will reappear.
You CAN have your life back!

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