All-Natural Supplements for Opioid Withdrawals

By: Reilly Johnson

4 Little-Known Opiate Withdrawal Relief Supplements
Little-Known Supplements Can Come Up Big for Withdrawal.

The 5 Best Supplements for
Fast and Proven
Opiate Withdrawal Symptom Relief

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]nyone who knows anything about opioids, narcotics and prescription pain killers knows the pure agony suffered during opioid withdrawal:

It includes a crushing blend of symptoms such as, hot and cold chills, severe body aches, insomnia, diarrhea, shakes, mental confusion, anxiousness, lethargy, fever, cravings, jaw-clenching and many more.

Symptoms like this can drag on for up to a month if you don’t do something about it. That’s why I’ve written this article to help those hurting. Because when you’re hurting like hell you don’t need some bullsh*t herbal remedy that doesn’t work, you need something significant that can REALLY ease the pain.

The supplements listed below are powerful and controversial so take only as needed and quit them as soon as possible. They may or may not be legal in your country including the United States. Always consult your local laws.

Here’s the best ALL-NATURAL opioid withdrawal supplements:

Opioid Withdrawal Relief Supplement #1 – Kratom

Kratom Withdrawal Remedy
Kratom is a leaf harvested from a large tree, native almost exclusively to southeast Asia.

[dropcap type=”letter”]K[/dropcap]ratom is the number #1 rated  opioid withdrawal remedy.

Kratom is a leaf native to southeast Asia and is found all over in countries like Thailand and Bali. It contains ingredients called “alkaloids” that can effect how you feel. When Kratom leaf is chewed or ground into a powder and swallowed it can cause “opiate-like” effects. But is a naturally occurring leaf and is not even close to as dangerous.

It’s a unique plant in that a low to moderate dose will usually (but not always) be stimulating, while a high dose can be quite sedating. Some people feel euphoric while others feel relaxed, it really depends on your body and your dosage. This is because the active alkaloids (primarily mitragynine) have both stimulant and sedative effects.

What does this mean for you?

That if you’re hurting badly from opiate withdrawals right now this is the one legal supplement that can provide relief for nearly every symptom you face. I wouldn’t say it gets you high, but it can definitely provide needed relief.

Kratom is a natural remedy for these opioid withdrawal symptoms: 

[list type=”tick”]

  • muscle and body aches
  • insomnia
  • chills and shakes
  • cravings
  • anxiety
  • restlessness
  • stress
  • poor attitude
  • low motivation  [/list]

What are the risks? How safe is it?

You can’t really overdose from Kratom, I don’t think there’s ever been a recorded kratom overdose. (I could be wrong though). You could fall asleep after taking it, so don’t do any dangerous activities while using it. Nausea is another common symptom of Kratom. It’s known to cause some serious nausea, and I think a lot of that is because it doesn’t sit well in the stomach sometimes. Obviously don’t take too much and don’t do anything foolish while on it.

Kratom can also be habit forming. I don’t need to tell you how foolish it is to quit one drug only to get hooked on another. If you plan on using kratom during your opiate withdrawal – then plan how you will use it and get off it quickly.

A good rule of thumb for any powerful supplement is to take it only when you need it most and for only long enough to combat your worst symptoms, then quit and get rid of it.



Kratom can significantly ease or eliminate some of your most painful opiate withdrawal symptoms. So if you’re hurting like hell and tempted to use prescription painkillers or heroin again, then Kratom can be used as a substitute rather than relapsing.

Kratom is illegal in Australia, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Thailand. It is currently LEGAL in the USA.

*Pregnant women should not take any drug or medication except on medical advice. We strongly recommend that any woman who could possibly be pregnant NOT use kratom.

You learn more about Kratom by readying my article, The Ultimate Guide to Kratom for Opiate Withdrawal.

You can buy kratom from here <

Kratom opioid withdrawal remedy relief rating: 8 out of 10


Opioid Withdrawal Relief Supplement #2 – Phenibut

Phenibut Powder
You can buy phenibut powder at The OFC by clicking the image.

[dropcap type=”letter”]W[/dropcap]hen every cell in your body screams at you for for relief — Phenibut will be your hero. Most people have never heard of Phenibut but it’s the perfect supplement for prescription pain killer withdrawal symptoms. I’d loosely compare phenibut’s effects to benzodiazepines like valium, xanax, ativian, .

There’s a long list of people who’ve used phenibut for various reasons with success including, bodybuilders, astronauts, OCD patients, post dramatic stress disorder patients, and those suffering from narcotic withdrawals. I’ve personally found NOTHING (including pharmaceutical pills like ambien) works better for deep, long lasting sleep. Almost every time I use Phenibut before bed I wake up 8 – 12 hours later, refreshed and ready to go.

Phenibut helps to alleviate the following withdrawal symptoms:

[list type=”tick”]

  • anxiety
  • angst
  • stress
  • poor mood
  • restless leg syndrome (RLS)
  • muscle and body aches
  • insomnia [/list]


Phenibut is a legal and safe supplement when used correctly. But you need to be careful to not take it too often – and not to overdo it. If you take too much you might not be able to walk straight or even keep your eyes open (trust me). And if you take it more than a few times per week it can lose it’s effectiveness. Always start with a low dosage and test how it effects you (which you should always do this with any supplement you take). Please use extreme caution as some people have reacted negatively too it. It’s not for everyone. 

Phenibut opiate withdrawal symptom relief rating: 8 out of 10

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marijuana relieves a wide range of withdrawal symptoms
marijuana can relieve a wide range of withdrawal symptoms

Opioid Withdrawal Relief Supplement #3 – Marijuana

[dropcap type=”letter”]M[/dropcap]arijuana is now prescribed for medical purposes in 19 states and is recreationally legal in 2. Anyone who’s used marijuana for opioid and narcotic withdrawal will tell you it can relieve MANY painful symptoms better than anything else.

If doctors regularly prescribe marijuana to cancer patients and aids victims — what do you think it can do for your withdrawal pain?

Don’t take my word for it,

Amazingly the effects of cannabinoids can reduce or eliminate the majority of symptoms of opiate withdrawal. Cannabis can reduce anxiety and agitation, improve sleep and helps normalize the digestive tract.

Keep in mind that 9% of the population is at any given time abusing prescription drugs; the majority being opiate narcotics.

For this reason cannabis has become a major player in the harm reduction aspect of treating addictions.” – Dr. Sean Bean M.D.


Most people who’ve used marijuana for narcotic withdrawal symptoms agree, it’s very effective for treating pain, anxiety, stress, nausea, headaches, chills and most other narcotic withdrawal symptoms. If used smartly and medicinally – there’s no doubt marijuana can help you endure a week or two of hellish withdrawals. 

Oh and by the way there’s a very good article you can read here called, “Weed the Secret to Beating Addiction”.

Marijuana opiate withdrawal symptom relief rating: 8 out of 10


Opiate Withdrawal Relief Supplement #4 – Ibogaine Root

Ibogaine root is found in Africa forests.
Ibogaine root is found deep in the African forest.

[dropcap type=”letter”]I[/dropcap]f you were looking for a silver bullet for addiction then look no further. Ibogaine is a powerful hallucinogenic root that was first discovered in the dense jungles of Africa. It was originally used by African tribesmen to introduce young men into adulthood.

Ibogaine is recommended for withdrawal and addiction because it’s been scientifically proven to  erase withdrawal symptoms and eliminate addiction in 24 hours flat. Don’t believe me? Keep reading because no other supplement, pharmaceutical medicine or natural remedy even comes close to the healing powers of Ibogaine (Ibo-gain-e).

Ibogaine is a top rated supplement for narcotic withdrawal symptom relief because:

1. It eliminates 100% of acute opiate withdrawal symptoms in 24 hours — regardless of how much or how often you were using.

2. It CURES addiction – studies have shown it can even eliminate the desire for drugs (no joke – see Ibogaine-addiction-therapy-study.pdf below).

3. It resets your bodies own opiate receptors, so you’re no longer dependent on opiates.

One Ibogaine addiction/ withdrawal study reported,

“Seventy-six percent of patients were free of opioid withdrawal signs and symptoms at 24 hours and did not seek drugs over the period of observation of 72 hours.”

Download the study yourself: Ibogaine-addiction-therapy-study.pdf

How’s it used? What are the effects of Ibogaine?

Everyone’s experience on the hallucinogen is different but it’s commonly described as a spiritual journey from birth to the present. During the Ibogaine Experience you might relive old experiences and learn new knowledge from them. This is referred to as an “awakening”. Here’s what one leader explained about the Ibogaine experience,

“We’d have the person come over the night before his treatment and introduce ourselves as Mamma and Papa Iboga, because the addict is the child going through rebirth. We would tell them about the African ritual the night before the treatment so that they’d totally know what they were going to face. We’d tell them that the Africans use it basically to guide people into adulthood so that they become more responsible people, and that’s what we’d be doing. Making a person more responsible in life, so that he’d have control over drugs instead of drugs over the person. If the person was a shooter, we would let him or her take their last shot, then let her or him destroy their syringe, symbolizing the destruction of their addiction . . .

. . . We had a room with two doors, which was perfect. We’d move someone in through a door with the moon painted on it, into the room where they would have the experience, and then after treatment guide them out the doorway decorated with a sun.”

If you’re interested in Ibogaine at all – be sure you watch this video:


Obviously this type of extreme won’t be for everyone. Not to mention Ibogaine is illegal in the US, so you have to go to Canada or Mexico to receive treatment. But if you’ve struggled with addiction for years and have explored many different treatment options and you still can’t quit… Then what do you have to lose? Drastic times call for drastic measures. Most the evidence I’ve seen points to Ibogaine being a legit cure and possibly the greatest withdrawal supplement of all time. The only reason I didn’t rank it #1 is because it’s illegal in the US, which can make getting treatment difficult.

Ibogaine narcotic withdrawal symptom relief rating: 10 out of 10


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13 thoughts on “All-Natural Supplements for Opioid Withdrawals”

  1. I believe that ibogaine has great potential, but must be used under strict medical supervision. I suggest adding a warning to the ibogaine section of your otherwise extremely well written article. According to MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies):

    “By some estimates, ibogaine use has a mortality rate of about 1 in 300.”

    1. Reilly Johnson

      Great comment Dan, that’s true. Using Ibogaine should NOT be taken lightly and medical supervision SHOULD be present. This is especially true with supplements this powerful.

  2. My doctor put me on methadone after several surgeries to correct severe bowl scarring. I was told that methadone was better for long periods. I have only took up to 50 mg and have been taking it for five years. This drug has had a negative effect on my whole body. I do not have addictive tendencies and will suffer from withdraw with hundreds of pills at my disposal. I hate it. How do you go about getting this ibogain treatment safely. I am trying kratom now with good results. I’m just wondering if my pain receptors will ever be normal again. Doctors who put non drug addicts in methadone for pain should be fired. By the way I’m suppose to take 140 mg a day. No way. I could not imagine that. Any info would be great. Thanks for your time. Lisa Manson

    1. Reilly Johnson

      Hi Lisa,

      Thanks for the comment. Good questions. And it’s impossible to give you an answer without knowing much more about your current situation, your past health and prescription history. But here’s what I can tell you, your pain receptors CAN be normal again! I promise. The trick is time and truly healthy living. You gotta start a whole new way of living. Get physical activity, start cooking yourself healthy food, motivational speakers on audiobook are great for these times. Create a plan. I’ll be releasing a new 7 Steps to Writing a Game Plan for Withdrawal and Addiction. I’ll update the post as soon as it’s done. Also 5 htp can help pain receptors come back quicker and can help. Stay positive and do things differently, Good luck.


  3. Alex Hendershott

    Hello I just order’d some phenibut and need some advice on how to take it was wondering how effective it is for restless legs and sleep. I am currently going threw methadone withdrawal

    1. Reilly Johnson
      Reilly Johnson

      Hi Alex, good question. I would say for most people (remember, everyone responds to things differently) Phenibut is very effective for sleep and restless leg syndrome. Those are symptoms phenibut generally works well for.

      1. he is correct, phenibut is not for everyone, it did nothing for my withdrawels except maybe exacerbated my RLS and muscle twitching, this suppliment is not for everyone it did not help me at all.

  4. I’m currently trying to kick my opiate. Battle I’ve only been using for 5months now I attempted to stop cold turkey last night and didn’t realize how unbearable the withdrals where going to be. I’m completely motivated to stop but I was in pain cold sweating diarrhea and vomiting. Shaking and could barely move. Semboxen is an option but I’ve done my research and its much more addictive so I was wandering how effective Kara Tom really is and after two weeks will I have to withdrawal off of that?

    1. Reilly Johnson
      Reilly Johnson

      Hi Trina,

      Kratom can have similar effects to that of opiates but it’s less powerful and addictive, which makes it good for some people to use for withdrawal symptoms. It can definitely take the edge off. With that said it can also be addictive and if you use too much for too long, you will withdrawal. The key is to only use as needed to keep the withdrawal pain at bay.

  5. I have a question about Kratom purity? I have purchased from Bouncing Bear Botanicals last year for my first try with Kratom, but was scared to try it after being paranoid about it being sprayed with chemicals or something. I see you have their website listed after your Kratom review, do you trust their herbals? I would really like to try it finally, still have it in my fridge!

    1. Reilly Johnson
      Reilly Johnson

      The important thing with any substance you put into your body is that you test small and see how you react. And yes, I do trust Bouncing Bear’s products, that’s why I’ve recommended them here.

  6. desperately seeking freedom

    I have everything listed on your site to help me with withdrawals. I have to work this week and then next week I have 6 days off and am going cold turkey and starting withdrawal. I have never been so scared in all my life. Can you please tell me step by step how to take these supplements? Do I start now? I would really appreciate any advice. I have been taking vics,percs, and recently dilauded. I was up to 120mg a day and have gotten down to 60mg. I don’t want to lose my family and job over this and now is the time as I won’t have another chance to take time off work. I have tried before finding this site and barely made it 2 days. The pain and mental anguish of it was so unbearable I relapsed. Thank you in advance for clarifying the steps. Do I take the Kratom in the morning? What about the vitamins? The L-tyrosine. Alpha Lipoic Acic, Milk Thistle and phenibut and 5 htp? Unfortunately I am doing this alone. My family is very conservative and if they knew I would surely be shunned.

    1. desperately seekin gfreedom if your family was really conservative then they would accept and help you, i am sorry your in such a situation you can not be open with your family, family and friends can be a huge help for recovery i hope you find sombody to help you, cuz you need someting to live for

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