Methdadone Withdrawal Remedies and Addiction Recovery Tips

By: Reilly Johnson

Tips for methadone withdrawal remedies and a faster detox are hard to come by. Doctors can prescribe it to you but can they help you come off it? Most can’t and don’t provide good advice for quitting. But there’s some very important questions that need answers like:

– Is it smart to take methadone for opiate addiction?
– How long does it take to withdrawal from methadone?
– How can I shorten the length of methadone withdrawal?

But lets talk a little bit about the basics first.

What is methadone?

Methadone is an opioid which is a synthetic opiate that was first made in WWII by Germany.  When it was first put on the market it was called Dolophine and was used as a painkiller for very severe pain. Sometimes today it is still used for that. However, most of the time these days it is utilized for narcotic and methadone addiction treatment. For heroin detox programs and for maintenance it is used because it can stay active in your system for up to a day so it is ideal for treatment.

Who should take methadone?methadone10mg

I only recommend methadone treatment with extremely serious opiate addictions, and people using a needle or that are out of control. But I do NOT recommend it for most people. Most people will take it, abuse it, get high and get addicted to that. Most people simply replace their current opiate with methadone.

But when it does work, Methadone is often prescribed in conjunction with physical therapy and counseling in order to treat addiction to various opiates, heroin among others. Since it can be taken once daily and will then last from 24 up to 36 hours, it can lowers the chance that the patient will relapse. It can also help a person get stable, and get on a stable does.

When it is used for opiate addiction, the premise is that it will lower cravings and ease the withdrawal symptoms. It’s said to do this by blocking the euphoric rush that is caused by opiates. They say it blocks the “high.”  It designed to help people stay away from both the psychological and physical lows and highs that are caused by the opiate levels changing in the blood, or methadone withdrawal remedies. This is supposed to reduce the chances of relapse. Sometimes they prescribe methadone addiction treatment for years.

What is methadone addiction?

Methadone addictive is very common. Which is the whole problem. When many people begin taking methadone they mistakenly think that it’s better than the drug they are already using, but this is simply not the case. The bottom line is that if you’re using methadone, you’re still using opiates and you will still face a painful withdrawal.

It doesn’t matter if you have used methadone with a prescription or not, when you stop using it you will experience withdrawals. Which is one of the reasons some people try to continue it through illegal means once their doctor has taken them off of it. It causes a physical dependency, since it has some of the same changes as other opiates– contracted pupils, constipation, and drowsiness. It can actually cause sickness when it is first taken as well as when people stop taking it. Signs that someone is addicted may include behavioral changes, mood swings, failure to keep commitments, or complete work.

 What are the methadone withdrawal symptoms?

When the drug has been taken over a long period of time, the effects are lessened as the body becomes tolerant of it. Methadone tolerance may cause people to end up taking ever larger doses of the drug to keep the withdrawal at bay. Which makes coming off it very difficult. Methadone withdrawal symptoms can include:

  • Lowered emotional responses
  • Not sleeping well
  • Blacking out
  • Low sex drive
  • Slower reactions
  • Dehydration

The symptoms of methadone withdrawal can be the worst of ANY opiate. They are quite painful, very exhausting and they last a long time because the half life in methadone is very long. Which is why even when the doctor stops prescribing it there are so many relapses. Methadone withdrawal can last for weeks or longer, it is very hard to complete a withdrawal alone, or even in a clinic.

What methadone withdrawal remedies can relieve painful symptoms?

When people are going through methadone withdrawal, it is a good idea to start going to a support group; such as Narcotics Anonymous, as this can be very helpful for recovery. People that do go to support groups have around an 80% abstinence rate from drugs, while people that don’t go at all have a much lower rate of close to 25%. Going through withdrawal alone is a very, very bad idea. The best way to get through what can be the worst pain of a person’s life, is to have others to help. Exercising, full body detoxification, healthy eating habits and a lot of sunshine along with over the counter pain and nausea medications can greatly help with symptoms as well. Clonidine is a prescription drug that is non-addictive and has been of great help with restless legs, chills and anxiety.

What’s the very best way to stop taking methadone?

Since it does have a long half life and stays in your system for a long time. Which is why the best way I’ve heard to stop taking methadone is by slowly lowering your does and tapering off it over time. I think a reasonable time frame for tapering completely off is 1 month. If you take it for longer than that YOU will have very tough withdrawals for a long time.  That’s the very best methadone withdrawal remedy I know of.

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