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Fortunately this website has helped a lot of people and I’ve accumulated quite a few success stories. The people below have taken their valuable time to share their extremely helpful stories on withdrawal and addiction here. These stories are unsolicited and unchanged (minus the names). If you have a story you’d like to share, please email me and let us share your unique insight to help others!

Reader Recovery Stories


I’m fortunate to have run across your site. Your encouragement and info has
been a gateway to freedom. I have a wife and three children. Those meds are
horrible i been using for about 2 years Norco 10s maybe about 6 a day
sometimes more. I’m on my third day and it’s a working progress but it
isn’t the first time of quiting. This round since I’ve used your info it
definitely helped with the WD. Like i said it’s a  working progress so I’ll
reply again in the later days. Thanks man

Hello Reilly, my name is Jason and I am a former heroin addict. I got into
a methadone program and found myself at 110mg daily. I knew I hadnt fixed
my problem when I realized that I was nodding off at work due to my dose. I
am an electrician by trade and became fearful for my safety and for those
around me. I began withdrawal at 1mg per day I am now down to 7mg. Its been
fast but with no real problems except for sneezing fits up till last night.
I began feeling bad leg cramps and couldn’t sleep for anything. I have no
fear of relapse. I burned my suppliers without risk of retribution and
erased every other contact. I refuse to speak with anyone at the clinic
besides my counselor and all the other patients think im a narc or that i
think I am better than them. I prefer it that way.
I read your pdf last night and bought some 5-htp today. I have become
irritable and snap about trivial matters.
I am going to follow your other advice and hopefully someday I can come
full circle and help others too but as of now I need to work on me.
My fiance is great and our 3 month old son is a hoot. She understands what
im going through. Although she has never used she has witnessed my ups and
downs. I spent 5 years of my life in prison only to get home and relapse
within a year. I am now off parole and am doing well. I have resolved never
to use again. My family means more to me than a fix and I mean more to
myself today as well. I am tired. Ive had enough. Hopefully with your tips
my next month wont be hell.
Thanks Reilly.
Jason D
Reilly,Thanks, it seems you are on top of giving out good advice. I merely have had to do the (hard love) on my self through the years being on and off again from injury’s sustained both from profession and play. I took to your email list so as I can for
#1 gain another view point and further my tool box for advice to others.
#2 Just having a surgery and knowing that I will get prescribed what ever I ask for (largely due to my MD. Bieng of long history and very knowledgeable of my will power)  again faced with a miserable experience of going through the detox period.
This tidbit of advice I would not agree with more!  I have been a rock climber going on 25+ years along with working in a field where life and death decisions have to be made with a clear and vigilant mentality. When a quick detox and/or copeing mechanism or (plan) Is a must.
Exercise even though it will hurt has all ways worked to speed the effects brought on by the side effects of reconnecting the neurological connections.Good advice.  Thanks for what you are doing.Jeff D.
Thank you for the recent email about weightlifting!! I have been two days detoxing from oxycodone 30’s and it’s rough but thank you for giving me the motivation. I was one in tip top shape until the oxycodone took over and made me lazy. I’m starting the gym today thanks again!

Thank you for your message , Reilly , let me tell you that i am doing all this research for my nephew , who has been taking drugs for the past 12 years , currently he is in a rehab to get detox , i am going to pass on your e mail to him to motivate him , God bless you for doing what you are doing is a great thing and in Islam we say God always reward those people who come forward to help others , as in this day and age no one cares ,my nephew is a very intelligent boy its just that he lacks will power to stop himself , can you please advise what should he do ? unfortunately in our country which is a third world country there are no proper detox centers and even the medication is not available , i was going through different sights i came across this detox drug called NATURADETOX its a white bottle packing with green leaves , can you please let me know if you are aware of it , its an American product . I will stay in touch with you and when my nephew comes out of rehab i will make sure he follow you advise , thank you so much .
thank you so much for your nice response. awesome. looks like i will be
starting suboxone therapy mis august. i have been going to meetings,
counseling consistently this past month and honest with my dr.’s finally. i
do believe and have researched the nutrition fiels for approx. 30 yrs. know
a lot but for now i need to resort to some temporary medical intervention,
especially with epilepsy. i will at some point be wanting to taper off
suboxone and start your program. don’t know if while i’m on it i can do
anything, your products or…? i do drink quality green drinks with good
sources of protien and excellent minerals, vitamins. not as much as i need
but am working on it. if there is anything i can do to help not deplete
anymore neurotransmitters please let me know what you think. thank you
again, and once i am feeling stable etc. and possibly try your products i
will promote them to others. sincerely,  Linda
Thank you once again Reilly, for keeping in contact with me. Today is day 14. Have not taken opiates since day 12. I resorted in calling my employer and told her I was not fit to work so in total I have been out of action for 2 weeks. I have not left the house. I have resorted to hibernation. After my last email to you I was restricted to bed. Tiredness and pain set in as well as feelings of depression. Husband felt that I tapered too quick. I did it like that hoping that I would recover quicker but was not the case. Some say cold turkey is the only way, perhaps with my fast taper I have experienced the same result. You are so right with what you said. Grind things out. Your advice and simple reminder of reality is exactly what I needed. Last night was the first night I can say I slept well without pain. It’s scary when I get up in the morning. I’m good for about an hour then I get tired again. Why do you think the body gets fatigued? Is it trying to repair the damage? I have been reading abit about the post acute stage. Would you say that I’m in this stage now? Any feedback from you is worth millions to me right now. Chat soon. Leanne.
This really does work like magic. Yes, there is constipation, but no more than methadone. You have to take mg to mg plus twenty percent. It has a half life of twelve hours, so it does great with naproxen, with one naproxen to every four loperamide. And also, one twelve hour allergy med to six loperamide.I know that’s a rough formula to compute for many. And also, its based on hydrocodone, but it does work seamlessly.It is literally magic. However, taking too much loperamide could cause digestive issues. But, it only is needed for four to six days, and you’re home free.The nice part is that all these otc meds are twelve hour. What that means psychologically, is that you don’t have to worry about taking pills all day, and that is also very important.
First, I really enjoyed this story and the insight that can be gleamed from
it. I’m currently on day 9 of a self-imposed opiate withdrawl. The VA
prescribed these meds for pain 3 years ago, and I know longer wanted to
waste a day of my life feeling sick. My second request would be for more
stories or testimonials about people who became physically dependent rather
than mentally dependent on opiates. Thanks, and thanks for all that you do
to help people struggling with these toxic, life destroying pills.
Hi thanks for the info , my issue is not the normal withdrauls or stopping
It’s that I have spine damage a broken neck and leg , and a long list do
disease like degenerative joint disease , osteoarthritis along with
horrible cramps in my Back .
Years of opeate use has made them barely work I’m now on fentenyl patches
And oxycodone, I’m in much pain and the doctors won’t raise the dose to
compensate for tolerance , so I was searching for ways to improve or
restore my levels of necessary pain fighting components from my side
naturally. I haven’t read your info yet but welcome any input I might get
that would be for my use or purpose , I will have to take opiates lifelong
so I respect them and need all the help I can get to keep them working
correctly, I am taking several other methods of pain releif. Other than
opiates , like Lyrica, Cymbalta, and Baclofen, I do run out at times so
it’s good to know how to lessen the sickness that is really bad for me
after 10 years of narcodics use , Thank You , James Harness
Reilly,Thanks so much for your reply.  I have been using your information, book
and advice now about 3 weeks, and I can honestly say I’m a new man.  I
really have changes my view on this issue as, not one of addiction, but one
of some degree of void in life.  Whether it be satisfaction, happiness,
joy, whatever…the addiction is not the issue it’s much deeper than that,
and you are showing us ways to make change at the root cause.  I’m sure
you’ve been to your share of na and aa meetings and their system is
structured all wrong, not to mention one of the best places to buy drugs.
I want to help spread what you’re doing to the recovering and afflicted
masses.  I have a lot of experience marketing, and in general business.
Please let me know if we can talk further (and I’m talking pro bono of
I just found your wed site…..I am so grateful to have found it!! I
have a wonderful nephew named Riley, he is very special also! I am a
62yr old woman with degenerative disc disease and advanced arthritis,
that causes me great discomfort. I started taking perscription
oxycodone about 3yrs ago for pain. Since then I have become an
emotional baskit case…..deppression,anxiety,fear.and uncontrollable
sadness. I find it very hard to get through the day….to work any
amount of hours….life feels very hopeless. My fear of getting off
the oxy, is will I be able to with stand the pain? Is it possible to
repair the receptors, get my brain working properly again, while still
taking the pain medication? It seems unlikely to me…but I thought
that if you know differently it could save my life. I can only hope
and pray that you might find the time to answer my question….I know
that you must be a very busy person,not to mention extremely blessed.
Thank you for all of your hard work to find a way to help others!!! I
will read all of the information I received from you, and hope to hear
from you in response to my concern. Thank you Reilly…and god bless
you. Lianne L.
Dear Reilly, i am thrilled i found your site! I have neurological damage and spine issues but am a holistic practitioner( discovered and became a Reiki Master) and know pharmaceuticals are not a long term fix for my pain issues. Kratom helped me in the past so i am going to try that again as well as others suggested. I have signed up for your free book but nothing has come through so i was wondering if i need to do anything else. I am immensely grateful! Much Love and Light to you and your work~ tiffany y
Hi Reilly, been reading through your web site and found some of the tips really helpful.Its a huge issue that i am still stuck in trying to free myself from , either getting off or staying off, as both can seem equally as tough.anyway just thought i would say thanks for the work and insights you have provided.Good luck Ewan
Hi Reilly,Hey the self improvement CD’s or audio is good advice too! Myself I like listening to Christian sermons and the audio bible, sorta in the same vein as self improvement. Yeah the Kratom, assuming one gets a good plain leaf from a reputable vendor is going to have a full opiate agonist in it via the alkaloid 7-Hydroxy-Mitragynine, which is 4-6 times more poweful than morphine. You can read the full pharmacological report on Mitragyna Speciosa (Kratom) if you google Kenjuro Matsumoto (the research chemist) and Kratom. I ended up on low doses of buprenorphine of which Im still on to kick the Kratom. I know this seems backwards to what you read a lot on the web (people using Kratom to get off Buprenorphine), but if you go to you’ll find Im not alone in getting in trouble with Kratom. For some of us who are addiction prone, Kratom can be just as addicting as prescription opiates. In fact not only does Kratom hit the Mu Opioid receptors the same as Vicodin, Oxy, etc., it also hits the delta and kappa receptors like coke and meth, and also has Gabanergic properties like benzodiazepines (I hardly ever needed my prescribed Ativan when I was using Kratom) So its good to err on the cautious side imho when suggesting Kratom as an alternate to prescription opiates. I also use to drink poppy pod tea, and actually liked the effects of Kratom better than it too. For those that have some self control imho I think Kratom can be a great thing, it has many health benefits too like antioxidant’s, antiviral, etc., but as an addict I have no self control ughh. Anyway bro keep up the good work and fight the fight.
Reilly,I just wanted to thank you for the free E book. When I was diagnosed with scoliosis and arthritis, I though oxycodone was all I wanted. I was addicted for a short time 1 1/2 years. But within that time, I failed out of college, totaled my almost paid off newer Jeep, lost my apartment as well as numerous jobs.I am now 4 days clean, I felt I reached a pinnacle when I was offerd something to “self medicate” that I turned down.I feel so much better than I did being high all the time. I eat healthier, I feel amazing after working out, and I’m calmer to an extent.Thanks agian!Tony

Hey bro,Good article on the weights. I was a body builder in my 20’s and 30’s, and can totally see the benefits for paws. Btw I’m struggling with a bad Kratom addiction of 2 years, and before that was addicted to Phenibut for 7 years believe it or not, so in your article on tools to help kick opiates, the Kratom and Phenibut for sure can totally get rid of withdrawals, heck I was able to transition from a Vicodin habit to Kratom painlessly, but I actually liked the high better with Kratom, and being the life long addict I am got instantly psychologically addicted to it, and now 2 years latter physically addicted, worse trying to get off this than the Vic’s, so maybe a bigger caution might be in order on your site as to the addictive potential of it. Im not alone on this, I know a few peeps that actually had to go on bupe maintenance from Kratom (me included) Appreciate your site tho bro, and again the email with the weight training advice. Ive been dormant over 10 years now from weights, but your email inspired me to dust off the weights out in my home gym and actually start using them on my better days. Im trying to ween off a relatively low dose now of bupe, and hopefully the weights will help. Keep up the good job!Sincerely,
ChrisSent from my iPad
I bought all the supplements per your website and I have to say it has worked.  I’m on day two now.  This useful information is gold!  It’s the best thing I’ve come across.  The worst of it is has been pain in my legs, horrible stomach problems and no energy to move.  I got up today and took a shower with ease.  These small victories are an every moment win.  I don’t want to give my name, because it would ruin my professional standing with the community.  However, I will get this information to any and all brothers and sisters who have been crippled by the devil opiate demons.  I’m actually cooking tonight and moving around.  My problem started when I was injured on the job and surgery.  Then was all of the sudden released back to work and had to work to keep my job.  I had no time for detox.  The pain was crippling.  I flushed my pills.  I need them no longer.  I can’t thank you enough! (tears). I was lost but then I’ve been found.  Thank you, thank you so much.  If I could hug you I certainly would.  I’m forever in your debt.Love, Suzy Sunshine
Thank you so much for your dedication to helping people get free from the bondage of addiction.I found your website while looking for any information on home remedies to help ease withdrawal symptoms. My son and his fiancee just spent the past week camped out on my livingroom floor going cold turkey from heroin. My son had just started shooting up and the girlfriend snorted or occasionally smoked. She seems to have turned the corner but not my son yet.Three trips to the ER in a week and the day coming home from the last ER trip, after having stayed up all night with him, he decided he was no longer chemically dependent, he could no longer “stand to be in the same house as me” and he was well enough to go home.You and I both know what that means…he’s itching to use and he instigated a blowout with me so when he relapses he’ll have someone already lined up to put the blame on.My question to you is this: do you have any info or suggestions for the addict’s support system? Do’s and Don’ts? My greatest concern is not only for him but his fiancee. She’s still very physically weak and he is quite capable of wearing her out while trying to take care of him.Any help is greatly appreciated!

I just want to say thank you for sending me your great information. This is
a long and challenging struggle but I’m very dedicated. Thank you again.
Hey Reilly thanks for the website I was put on prescription pain meds for
medical problem which I didn’t even have come to find out anyway long story
short I’m eight days clean thanks to your program I’ve had to do this ride
many times in the past due to various injuries and I’ll tell you this is
been one of the best conversions back to reality I’ve ever gone through its
been rough I haven’t slept well in all but I’m kickin ass and takin numbers
on days here I have a few question for you I’m using the kratom and
phenibut probiotics vitamin c B D multi the kratom has worked well as has
the phenibut but as they wear off I go into withdrawals I know it just
takes time I’m strong just wanted to know if you had any advice I’m a
bodybuilder so I’m training real hard  I’m just only sleeping about 1.5 to
3 hrs per night I’ve been walking/ running 5 to 6 miles from 3:30 am to
6:00 am all in all  I feel great just looking for any extra advice I did
the suboxone for 5 years  they had on 5 pills per day  I had been on
oxytocin 18 80 mg  pills 1360 mg doctors had me on 300 mg and I just kept
taking more and more I had connections then I got off them all on my own
was good for a couple of years then developed pancreatitis was then put on
massive doses of dilaudid fentanyl  and oxycontin oxycodone now I’m on my
way back to the top I never new I had to fix my brain now I’m on my way
can you help me with this ? Sincerely micheal fulton
 Thank you so much for this excellent e-book. My son is tapering from suboxone and will be ‘jumping’ off in the next couple of weeks. I’ve been looking for any and all healthy ways to help him through this.  I’ve already gotten Withdrawal-Ease for him, and am still looking for anything else that might help.  I appreciate the information you have compiled for people that are in this situation, I really believe in the benefits of aminos, herbs, vitamins and minerals, exercise, and just plain healthy living, so it’s good to finally find some info on how various supplements can be helpful during withdrawal. Not enough people are informed in this area! We will probably incorporate some of your suggestions along with what we already have. I am hopeful that he will get through without too much suffering, since he is tapering so low before he jumps and we now have so much good info on what can help.Thank you so much for the hope that you provide for people desperate to get out of this trap, and God bless you for your work!
Hey man,Thank you so much for providing this ebook on Opiate Withdrawal. I’ll be
going through it (again) tomorrow and this info is really great! I’ll be
trying Kratom for the first time, along with the other items, and I really
think it will help. It’s really cool of you to provide this for free to
people who have to go through it because it’s usually pretty uncomfortable.Thanks again and take care!
On my third day clean you tips have helped greatly been able to travel, on
my accounts and really other than a few aches and pains and diarrhea and
upset stomach haha everything seems to be going great thanks for the emailThank You!
Hi Reilly
It is Sept. 28 and things are really good. I emailed you on sept. 4 letting
you know that I had found your web site and was going down a road of
recovery. First I would like to say that I’ve been on the web looking for
answers and hoping for a quick fix but I’ve found your site and reality had
kicked in. The Bible tells us that we reap what we sow (so true) as with
anything you must have a plan in order for success. Your site has enabled
me to do that. After I took your info and set a plan and went with it there
was many many times I didnt think I was gonna make it. My wife was my
accountability partner that was much needed. I knew that I would be honest
If she asked and you better believe she was going to ask. However I pushed
through, for the first time I was able to see how much opiates had control
of your mind and after stopping how it wasent  just physical but mental as
well. Each time we submit ourselves to a right path and push through it
develops a stronger character within us. I’ve been around the pain meds the
whole time and had fairly easy access to them with my recovery but I
figured if I couldnt be true to myself then how would this leave me in the
future. I dont know if you believe in God but I sure do and with having
said that I think that many Christians have it wrong they (including myself
at one time) think that God should clap and there problems are over. I
believe through reading the scriptures that God uses people like yourself
who have a heart for others to reach out and be the miracle or blessing for
someone. I figure you probably have a ton of emails so I’ll keep this short
I really wanted to thank you for your heart and concerns for others. My
prayers are for you reach many more people from your site and lead them
into freedom.
Thanks my brotherBrianMUCH MORE COMING SOON…

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