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“The Products I Recommend for Withdrawal Relief, Creating Confidence and Building a Brighter Future”

Welcome To The Opiate Freedom Center’s Resource Recovery Page.

Trusted Resources For Those Seeking To Constantly Improve Themselves, Their Situation and Their Lot in Life. 

Highly Recommended Personal Development Products, Trusted Partners, Unique Skill Training, Fitness Improvement Training, Reading Material… All in one handy place for you .

Getting Started

The Opiate Freedom At-Home Start-Up Kit Has Everything you need to know on your quest to defeat addiction. These recommendations can certainly help you even if you’re just getting started. I hope the recommendations below are of some help.

Withdrawal Relief Products [divider]


You can learn all about kratom here. But the short version is kratom can reduce opiate withdrawal cravings, ease body aches, and provide the relief you desperately need from opiate withdrawal symptoms. Click here buy high quality Kratom.


phenibut as home remedy for opiate withdrawalPhenibut

Phenibut is exceptional for anxiety, restless leg syndrome, insomnia and supports a positive emotional outlook. If you haven’t tried phenibut for withdrawal symptoms — you can get it here at the Opiate Freedom Center starting at $9.88. Click here to go to phenibut product page.

eVitamins Vitamins and Supplements up to 70% off!


These types of units really work well for muscle pain and opiate withdrawal symptoms. This therapeutic device does the work for you – while you relax and enjoy. Simply attach the pads to your tight, sore muscles and the machine does the rest. Great for neck, back, shoulder and leg pain. You can choose from several combinations of massage sensations and adjust intensity. Includes a Chinese acupuncture chart indicating related treatment points, and extra pads.


Personal Development Products

The Psychology of Success – Brian Tracy

This was the VERY FIRST PROGRAM I ever read on personal development. After I read this book I felt like a whole new world had been opened up to me. This book completely changed how I viewed life. [divider]

Psycho-Cybernetics – Maxwell Maltz

This program is really outstanding and very powerful. I don’t use the word life-changing that often but stuff this is what they should teach kids in school. Just an outstanding audio program you can listen to in your car or on your way to work. [divider]

The 4 Hour Body – Tim Ferris

The 4 Hour Body is Awesome. All sorts of super useful techniques and strategies for living healthy and doing things the smartest possible way. [divider]

The 4 Hour Work Week

Extremely entertaining and enlightening read. I highly recommend this to ANYONE who’s ever disliked their job. Probably the best, most practical and straight forward book on business and entrepreneurship I’ve encountered. Check it out. [divider]

The Richest Man In Babylon

This is a timeless tale and a wonderful story. It finishes on a great point. This books not long, so you should be able to get through it and learn from it in an afternoon.

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