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The FDA, the Biggest Joke In America

Recently, I’ve seen documentaries, read articles, studies and reports about the FDA aka the Food and Drug Administration. The FDA will have you believe, that since these statements have been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration that it’s safe. That its ok for you. That it cannot hurt you. That’s a complete JOKE.

I’m here to say it, point blank, the FDA is a JOKE. A complete and utter joke. The FDA is really a pawn for pharmaceutical companies, corporations and the likes. They’re not here to protect you, they’re here to protect the interests of big business.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not some government conspiracy nut. I believe in America, I believe in our government. I believe we live in the best country on earth. But I don’t believe in the FDA. The video below is just one small smidgeon of the corrupt FDA. The FDA is not monitoring your best interest. The FDA is for corporations best interests, most notably pharmaceutical and drug companies.

Don’t take my word for it, type in FDA into YouTube. You know what the first results that come up are?

FDA corruption
FDA conspiracy

This post is meant to educate you. To enlighten you against a system that wants you hooked on dangerous¬†unnecessary¬†drugs, so they can profit. Please, do not believe in or trust the Fradualent Drug Administration. It’s a crooked organization in the pharmaceutical industry’s pocket.

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  1. OxyContin should be taken off the marekt. I have known people over the past decade acuiring the pills for recreational use. They enjoy the High it produces. After long-term use, coming off the Drug is very difficult and often those people need to go into a Methadone clinic for futher treatment. Another example of medication that was benifical but taken off the marekt because of abuse is Quaalude. I think OxyContin should go up for review, and acknowledge it is abused more often than it’s originally prescribed reason, for serious pain. Please don’t let mega profits outweigh the harm it does to both childern and adults.

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