Where are the Best Inpatient Drug Rehab Centers in America?

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) reports that there are more than 14,500 specialized drug rehab centers in the United States. There are many other providers in private practice that offer help to people with addictions. Nonprofit support groups are available, too, that can assist people who do not want to get formal professional help.

You are ready to get sober. Now you have the task of finding the right rehab center for you. If you have decided that inpatient rehab is the way to go, the next task is to figure out where the best inpatient drug rehab centers for opiate addiction in America. 

Unfortunately, it is not always the best choice to choose the facility that is down the street – depending on the type of addiction you suffer from and the type of therapy you prefer, you may even find that you want to travel hundreds of miles away from home to get the right treatment. Following are some of the most popular inpatient rehabs in America.


Primary FocusGHF General Health ServicesMHF Mental Health Treatment ServicesMHSAF Mix of Mental Health and Substance Abuse SAF Substance Abuse Treatment ServicesType of CareBMW Buprenorphine Maintenance for Predetermined TimeBU Buprenorphine Used in TreatmentBUM Buprenorphine MaintenanceDB Buprenorphine DetoxificationDM Methadone DetoxificationDT DetoxificationHH Transitional Housing or Halfway HouseMETH MethadoneMM Methadone MaintenanceMMW Methadone Maintenance for Predetermined TimeMOA Accepts Clients on Opioid MedicationNMOA Do Not Use Medication for Opioid AddictionNOOP Do Not Treat Opioid AddictionNXN Naltrexone (Oral)OTP SAMHSA-Certified Opioid Treatment ProgramOTPA All Clients in Opioid Treatment ProgramPAIN Use Methadone/Buprenorphine for Pain Management or Emergency DosingRPN Relapse Prevention with NaltrexoneSA Substance Abuse Treatment ServicesUBN Prescribes/Administers Buprenorphine and/or NaltrexoneVTRL Vivitrol (Injectable Naltrexone)Treatment ApproachesCBT Cognitive/Behavioral TherapyDBT Dialectical Behavior Therapy REBT Rational Emotive Behavioral TherapySACA Substance Abuse Counseling ApproachTRC Trauma-Related CounselingFacility Smoking PolicySMON Smoking Not PermittedSMOP Smoking Permitted Without RestrictionSMPD Smoking Permitted in Designated Area

Service Setting (e.g., Outpatient, Residential, Inpatient etc.)CT Computerized TreatmentGH General Hospital (Including VA Hospital)HI Hospital InpatientHID Hospital Inpatient DetoxificationHIT Hospital Inpatient TreatmentOD Outpatient DetoxificationODT Outpatient Day Treatment or Partial HospitalizationOIT Intensive Outpatient TreatmentOMB Outpatient Methadone/Buprenorphine or VivitrolOP OutpatientORT Regular Outpatient TreatmentPSYH Psychiatric HospitalRD Residential DetoxificationRES ResidentialRL Long-Term Residential RS Short-Term Residential Facility Operation (e.g., Private, Public)CARF Commission on Accreditation and RehabilitationCOA Council on AccreditationDDF Department of DefenseHFAP Healthcare Facilities Accreditation ProgramHLA Hospital Licensing AuthorityIH Indian Health ServiceJC The Joint CommissionLCCG Local, County or Community GovernmentNCQA National Committee for Quality AssuranceONAT Other National OrganizationPVT Private OrganizationSTAG State Substance Abuse AgencySTDH State Department of HealthSTG State GovernmentSTMH State Mental Health DepartmentTBG Tribal GovernmentVAMC U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

See page vii for additional language services for non-English speakers* In the State-by-State facility listing, a s separates codes for each major category.vi

Payment/Insurance/Funding AcceptedATR Access to Recovery (ATR) VoucherFSA Federal or Any Government Funding for Substance Abuse ProgramsIHS IHS/Tribal/Urban (ITU) Funds MC MedicareMD MedicaidMI Military Insurance (e.g., TRICARE) NP No Payment AcceptedPI Private Health InsuranceSF Cash or Self-paymentSI State Financed Health Insurance Plan Other Than MedicaidPayment Assistance AvailablePA Payment Assistance (Check with facility for details)SS Sliding Fee Scale (Fee is based on income and other factors)Language ServicesAH Services for the Deaf and Hard of HearingFX Other languages (Excluding Spanish)NX American Indian or Alaska Native LanguagesSP SpanishSpecial Programs/Groups OfferedAD AdolescentsADM Active Duty MilitaryCJ Clients Referred from the Court/Judicial SystemCO Persons with Co-occurring Mental and Substance Use DisordersDV Persons who have Experienced Intimate Partner Violence, Domestic ViolenceGL Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, or Transgender (LGBT) ClientsHV Persons with HIV or AIDSMF Military FamiliesMN Adult MenPW Pregnant/Postpartum WomenSE Seniors or Older AdultsTAY Transitional Age Young AdultsTRMA Persons who have Experienced TraumaVET VeteransWN Adult WomenXA Persons who have Experienced Sexual Abuse

Ancillary ServicesADTX Alcohol DetoxificationANG Anger ManagementBC Residential Beds for Client’s ChildrenBDTX Benzodiazepines DetoxificationBIA Brief Intervention ApproachCDTX Cocaine DetoxificationCMI Contingency Management/Motivational IncentiveCRV Community Reinforcement Plus VouchersFCO Family Counseling OfferedGCO Group Counseling OfferedICO Individual Counseling OfferedMCO Marital/Couples Counseling OfferedMDTX Methamphetamines DetoxificationMOTI Motivational InterviewingMXM Matrix ModelNSC Non-Nicotine Smoking/Tobacco Cessation MedicationsODTX Opioids DetoxificationRELP Relapse PreventionTGD Treatment for Gambling DisorderTID Treatment for Internet Use DisorderTWFA 12-Step Facilitation ApproachAge Groups AcceptedADLT AdultsCHLD Children/AdolescentsYAD Young AdultsGender AcceptedFEM FemaleMALE MaleExclusive ServicesBMO Methadone and Buprenorphine Clients OnlyDU DUI/DWI ClientsDUO Serve Only DUI/DWI Clients MO Methadone Clients Only*

Source: National 2016 Directory of Drug and Alchohal Abuse Treatment facicilities

5 In-Patient Rehab Reviews

– Hawaii Island Recovery Review

All we probably need to say about this addiction rehab center is that it is located on an island in Hawaii. Enough said? Seriously, though, in addition to the fact that it is in the most serene and beautiful environment, this facility offers a variety of different types of therapy, giving you the opportunity to benefit from standard cognitive behavioral therapy in addition to several different types of alternative therapies including Dolphin Assisted Psychotherapy, Equine Therapy and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. In addition, patients have access to individualized care; a fully equipped gym along with a personal trainer; and many outdoor training activities.

Sobertec Review

Located in San Clemente, California, Sobertec is both an inpatient and outpatient rehab facility. This beach community rehab center offers standard 12-step treatment along with faith based treatment, giving those that hold their faith close to them the ability to have treatment that incorporates their beliefs. Sobertec works with patients from detox all the way through to sobriety. They have a strong belief in including the family in the treatments and even provide medication management for those with certain types of addictions. The views at Sobertec are incredible and the interior provides patients with all of the comforts of home. As an added bonus, they have two transitional living homes to help patients after rehab.

Acqua Recovery Review

Not all of the top rated addiction rehab centers are located in beach towns. Acqua Recovery, located in Midway, Utah receives high ratings year after year. The view at this facility is just as gorgeous as those located in California and Hawaii as it is surrounded by lakes, mountains, and valleys. They specialize in trauma as well as serious core issues and utilize research-based treatments to ensure a positive outcome for every patient. Each treatment plan that is put together for a patient is done so on an individualized basis – no two treatments are the same and they make sure to incorporate faith, health, and nutrition as needed for each patient.

Addiction Solutions of South Florida Review

Confidential, individualized attention is what you will receive at Addiction Solutions of South Florida, which provides addiction treatment strictly for men. The center holds room for just 24 patients, which means there is plenty of opportunity for individualized attention. One thing that makes Addiction Solutions unique is their aftercare program called The Break Free Plan. With this plan, which patients can choose on their own, patients are provided with a facilitator that comes home with them, helping to make the transition from rehab to home a smoother process. The treatments provided at this center are patient driven and chosen, making it a great way for patients to have a little control in their lives.

Caron Treatment Centers Review

Located in Pennsylvania, Caron Treatment Centers provide addiction rehab to people of a variety of ages from teens to the elderly. In business for the last 60 years, Caron utilizes tried and true methods to help their patients go successfully from addiction to an addiction-free life. What sets this treatment center apart from others is its unique evaluation period. It is not just the intake period that determines what a patient suffers from and needs – they use a 5-day evaluation period to really get to know a patient. Once the evaluation is complete, the patient, counseling team, and the family come together to learn the best course of action. Their focus is mostly on holistic care, but they also provide standard therapy for those that are not into holistic treatments.

Finding the right inpatient treatment center for yourself or a loved one is a difficult task. Not only do you have to determine the location you desire, but also the type of addiction recovery treatment you will receive. Try to remain open-minded when it comes to choosing a treatment type as research on the right type of treatment is constantly ongoing, giving facilities the opportunities to provide such unique activities as dolphin assisted therapy and transitional living assistance. If you find that the right rehab center for yourself or a loved one is located far away, it might be the best decision for everyone involved.

To learn more about top rehabs visit http://americanaddictioncenters.org/rehab-guide/