Who Can Get Addiction Treatment for FREE?

Who Can Get Addiction Treatment for FREE?

How to Go to Rehab for FREE: Learn about In-Patient Addiction Treatment and if the Government Might Cover It.

One of the largest reasons that only a small fraction of people (2 million out of 23 million) are receiving opioid addiction treatment is because of the hefty costs.

Up until recently, addiction was not looked upon as a “real” disease – it was considered more of a willpower thing, and most insurance companies did not cover it. If they did cover it, the percentage was so small that treatment was still unaffordable for most. Today, thanks to plenty of research and the implementation of Obamacare, addiction is considered a serious illness that deserves the same type of treatment as any other illness and is covered under most, if not all, insurance plans.

Even better news is the fact that if you have Medicaid or any other supplemented insurance program, whether on the federal or state level, you may be eligible to receive free rehab treatment. Who can turn down the opportunity to get sober while not paying a dime?

Essential Drug Health Benefits

Many people wonder how this is even possible. Up until recently, insurance itself was insanely expensive and if you wanted opiate addiction treatment benefits, your premiums were even higher.

The changes all came about with the Affordable Care Act. This Act includes a list of 10 essential health benefits that every consumer must have access to on their insurance plan. Out of those 10 benefits, substance abuse was among them, and is placed right alongside mental health benefits.

What this means is that every insurance plan must include some type of provision for addiction treatment that is similar to the treatment benefits provided for any other illness or injury. Insurance companies can no longer exclude addiction treatment benefits.

What Opioid Addiction Rehab Services are Covered?

While it is great news that rehab needs to be covered by most insurance plans, a more important question is exactly what does the insurance policy cover in terms of addiction treatment? We all know that this treatment is expensive, so the question is quite valid. Luckily, with Obamacare, a majority of the aspects of treatment must be covered, including:

– Evaluations for the level of addiction
– Interventions
– Visits to the clinic or rehab center
– Medication for addiction
– Help at home for addiction
– Detox services
– Inpatient services
– Outpatient services
– Family services

The percentage of the service that is covered under the Affordable Care Act depends on the level of coverage you purchase. The levels range from 60 percent coverage to 100 percent coverage, depending on the level you qualify to receive.

If you qualify for Medicaid, every aspect of basic treatment for addiction must be covered, generally at no cost. To make matters even better, insurance companies cannot limit the services covered for addiction treatment any more than they can limit the coverage they provide for standard services. This ensures that insurance companies do not try to “work the system” by providing addiction treatment coverage, but limiting what they offer so much so that consumers are still unable to afford treatment.

Where Can You Go for Inexpensive rehab and pregnancy care?

If you are looking for free treatment because you have Medicaid, you might have to do some extensive research to find a facility willing to take you. Not every rehab center accepts Medicaid, which makes it a little harder for you to find treatment. That is bound to change as more and more people become eligible for insurance that covers addiction treatment. Until there are more facilities, do not give up! If you do not have the energy or focus to find a center acceptable to you, enlist the help of a friend or family member to get you started. There are plenty of resources available online that will point you to the centers that offer free treatment. If those centers are booked up, as they tend to do, they might be capable of providing you with more resources to find the right center for you.

Why is Rehab Free for Some?

Many people wonder why Obamacare would even offer free treatment to people that suffer from addiction if the treatment is so expensive. In the grand scheme of things, providing free treatment for addiction is actually cheaper for the government. Addiction costs the country more than $420 million dollars, which means it costs the taxpayers money too. By providing affordable or free treatment, more people than the standard 2 million that get treatment will reach out. This could mean fewer crimes, less accidents, fewer deaths, and more upstanding citizens within society.

Every state has different requirements pertaining to who qualifies for Medicaid and who must pay a portion of their insurance costs through Obamacare. Check with your state’s insurance requirements to see what you are eligible to receive. Whether you are single, married, or a child still living with their parents, there are many more options available out there today to help you get your addiction rehab paid for, enabling you to get the help you need.

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