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Q. – Can I start using your supplements while I’m still using opioids?
Yes, you can. And it’s actually beneficial. That way your body has been replenished and your withdrawal shouldn’t be so severe.
Q. – What shipping options do you offer? Do you offer 2 day shipping?
Yes, 2 day shipping is available for orders of The OFC’s Ultimate Recovery System. 2 day shipping is not available for purchases of single supplements.
Q. – Is the word “opiate” written anywhere on your shipping packaging?
No, the return label states from “The Freedom Center”. Our packages are discreetly shipped and labeled for your complete privacy.
Q. – What do your supplements help most with?
The supplements were designed to help with the mental, emotional and physical symptoms of opiate withdrawal. They are also very effective during post opiate withdrawal. Which is the period where physical withdrawal symptoms have subsided, but you now must get mentally used to being without them. Post withdrawal is a very common time for relapse and the supplements are very good during that time.
Q. In one sentence, what is each supplement used for?
Attitude – Improved attitude, motivation and replenishment of essential nutrients depleted by addiction. Activity – Mental sharpness, memory improvement and energy. Rest – Physical withdrawal symptom relief, neurotransmitter renewal and sleep support.
Q. Can your supplements also be used for Methamphetamine withdrawal?
Absolutely. Methamphetamine depletes many of the same systems in your body and brain that opiates do. Our system can help ease many of the symptoms of meth withdrawal.
Q. For how many months do I need to take these supplements?
At least 1 month, and then as long as you want to afterwards. Many people choose to continue taking the system after they’ve gotten through withdrawal and handled their addiction. Because they feel it provides an edge and provides balance in their lives.
Q. Are your supplements safe, do they interact with anything? Are they safe to take while using opiates?
Yes, the OFC’s supplements are all natural and are very safe. But always check the ingredients and warnings label to make sure they don’t interact with anything you’re currently taking.
Q. When is the best time to begin taking these supplements?
As soon as you get them. Some people will take them during their taper from opiates or during their last week of use. This allows the ingredients to build in your system. Others begin on their 1st day without opiates. While others use our supplements who’ve been off opiates for months but may be still suffering from symptoms such as depression, mood swings, body aches or other lingering symptoms.
Q. Is it safe to take your system and opiates?
Yes, we use all natural ingredients so their should be no interaction.
Q. Can your product eliminate all my withdrawal symptoms?
No, and no product in the world can completely eliminate all your withdrawal symptoms. The goal is to ease as many symptoms as possible, improve you state of mind and physical well being over 30 days so that your recovery lasts.
Q. Does your product cure addiction?
No, and no product in the world can cure addiction.
Q. When can I expect to feel normal again?
It all depends on 3 things, 1. Length of time you used. 2. How much you were using. 3. What type of opiate you were using, long or short acting opiates. Long acting opiates have a longer half life such as methadone and suboxone. Short acting opiates have a shorter half life such hydrocodone and oxycodone. So depending on these things withdrawal symptoms usually last anywhere from 3 days – 30 days

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