Huperzine-A Is a Proven Nutrient for Improved Mental Function

Huperzine-A Is a Proven Nutrient for Improved Mental Function

Huperzine-A (Aerial Plant)

The origins of Huperzine-A is quite interesting and tells the story. This is not a naturally occurring plant, but it is derived from a well known one. It acts in the same way that other supplements do for memory enhancement, but it has a different chemical makeup. This is a highly purified drug and supplement, which is a refreshing change. It does not contain hundreds of chemical ingredients, preservatives, or fillers as some supplements do. It has been used in some capacity for years, and it is due to the natural properties and helpful benefits.

This works a bit differently than other supplements due to the extraction process, but it has some astounding benefits worth looking at. Though it may not be able to cure everything, it most certainly can contribute to increased mental capacity. This is a supplement that has been recognized as effective for centuries in Chinese medicine, and therefore its story has helped to bring it to light in our modern culture. With the focus on natural medicine being so strong in recent years, it is truly no wonder that this is a supplement that continues to grow in popularity and use. It has been helping people for years with enhanced memory and any health related issues due to this issue overall.

How Huperzine-A was Discovered

The origin of Huperzine-A is perhaps what makes it so very interesting. It is a substance derived from the Chinese club moss plant. It is purified when pulled and turned into the substance that we now know as Huperzine-A, and so it has a slightly different story than other supplements of its kind. To truly understand this supplement, you want to look at the very source it is derived from to understand its true impact.

The use of club moss can be traced back to the Tang dynasty, and back then it was primarily utilized for improved blood circulation and rheumatism. It evolved from there and continued to be used in a variety of ways. It was in the 1980s that Chinese scientists really started to look at this as an effective supplement, and the story continued from there.

What is Huperzine-A

Start by understanding the Chinese club moss plant, which has been coveted for years in terms of its use and applications. This plant has scale like leaves and though it may be mighty in its usage, it is not a large plant—even those plants as old as 15 years may not grow any bigger than 10 cm in height. Some species of the Chinese club moss plant have branches used in Christmas decorations, but it is the extraction of Huperzine-A that has helped to make this plant so popular.

In this form when Huperzine-A is extracted from the Chinese club moss plant it is an alkaloid. It has been used in Chinese medicine in a very big way for centuries, and so the powers if it were always recognized. It has always been looked to as a way of enhancing memory and contributing to improved mental, emotional, and even physical health. This is a powerful substance and though it has been recognized as such in the Chinese culture, it was only recently accepted as such in the mainstream.

What Symptoms Can Huperzine-A Help Treat

You may not be surprised to learn that Huperzine-A is used to help with memory enhancement. In ancient Chinese medicine this supplement was used to help with a number of health issues including the common cold and even bruises. These uses still require sufficient medical evidence to prove them, but the use for memory enhancement and related issues stands strong.

It can help you on a short term basis with wavering memory issues, but it may help even more than that. It can help if you are worried about or suffering early issues of dementia or decreased mental capacity. Though it may not necessarily cure or lessen Alzheimer’s, taking Huperzine-A early may help to dramatically improve the memory of those who need it.

  • Memory
  • Dementia or Loss of Mental Capacity
  • Circulation Issues

Studies On Withdrawal Treatment Effectiveness of Huperzine-A

A recent study is offering great potential hope to those who are worried about Alzheimer’s. By taking Huperzine-A there is hope that it may help with more than just symptom relief. This supplement is being researched as a possible way of slowing down the onset of Alzheimer’s disease or preventing it altogether. This is still in the early stages, but it is worth looking at if there is a family history or early symptoms. This could really help to highlight this supplement and really enhance its true effectiveness moving forward.

In addition to a number of medications out there for Alzheimer’s disease, many are looking to Huperzine-A as a natural remedy. Though the extent to which it may help is still being researched, it is believed that it can help as a standalone supplement or in conjunction with other medications to help with this medical condition.

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