7 Helpful Habits for Opioid Dependence & Treatment for Addiction

7 Helpful Habits for Opioid Dependence & Treatment for Addiction

After struggling for over 5 years with a prescription painkiller addiction. I realized there were 5 main reasons why people don’t go to rehab. And I also realized there were habits that could help with opioid dependence:

  • 95% of addicts don’t have $10,000 – $30,0000 to drop on expensive rehabs
  • You ain’t got no time, you can’t just quit life and go take a siesta at some rehab.
  • Contrary to popular belief, rehab success rates are low. You’re trying to solve a big problem in 30 days. It don’t make sense.
  • Big pharma and the medical community are growing rich prescribing 
dangerous drugs to unsuspecting patients. Making finding unbiased 
helpful information nearly impossible.
  • There is very little helpful information available ANYWHERE on how to 
quit opiates and drugs at home.

So I decided to a list a few things that really helped me get better.

1)   Read Inspiring Books – What I felt really helped me get clean is the fantastic information I found (which I try to share on this site). I felt like I had a big advantage elf help book like, “As a man thinketh” , Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins,

2)   Improve Your Skill set – Look into going back to school if you’re uneducated or not earning much of an income. Many times if you earn under $16,000 year the US government will pay for your entire schooling with a Pell Grant! Why wouldn’t you take up FREE schooling and a new skillset that could earn you infinitely more money than you may be making now.

3)  Get a Side Hustle -. It’s really pretty easy to start your own business these days and TONZ of people do it, and are successful. Drive around your local town and you’ll see small business in every walk of life.

4)   Set Goals – Plan your future. Plan your tomorrow, today. Plan 1 year from now, plan 5 years from now, plan 10 years from now. Who do you want to be? What does your future look like?

5) Replenish Nutritional Deficiencies – Here’s a little bit about what can happen to your body and mind when you replenish deficiencies depleted by years of abuse.

  1. Stimulate your body’s own healing process  (shorten detox)
  2. Rebuild neurotransmitter systems (dopamine, serotonin)
  3. Reset natural opiate production in the body (endorphins)
  4. Replenish nutritional deficiencies depleted by addiction

6) Join a opioid dependence & addiction recovery group – Whether it’s the 12 step process, out patient treatment, a group at your local church, they can all provide tools and information that will help you encounter obstacles and stay clean.

7) Get an accountability partner – An accountability partner isn’t there to judge you when things go wrong or if you relapsed. They are there to help you through the tough times and be strong for you.

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