Oxycodone (Percocet)—The Truth About The Prescription Opioid Withdrawals

Oxycodone (Percocet)—The Truth About The Prescription Opioid Withdrawals

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When you’re suffering with extreme oxycodone (percocet) withdrawal pain, you gotta look for alternative remedies for this agonizing event. —and we are not just talking about a simple wound or muscle pain. We are talking about physical suffering from bone decay, neurological degeneration, and cancer. These pangs continue every single day for the patient for several years. The patient suffering from this misery would do anything to experience comfort and oxycodone (percocet) is there for their rescue. However, for many, this oxycodone pain relief tablet does more harm than good.

Oxycodone Abuse

Oxycodone is pain reliever designed especially for patients suffering from critical health problems. It is a
type of opioid or narcotic drug with impacts similar to illegal drugs. It provides an intense form of
ecstasy and positive feelings to the user; thus, when used wrongly and recreationally, could lead to
abuse and overdose. Oxycodone is made especially for patients suffering from harrowing pain wanting
immediate relief. From a 20-milligram prescription, the person taking the drug would eventually
increase his dosage once he can no longer feel any relief from a small dose. And this is the start of when
the patient starts abusing the medicine. This could go on until he can take a quantity enough to kill him.

Oxycodone: Short-term effects

When taken as per the doctor’s advice, oxycodone can bring beneficial effects to the patient such as:
1.    Immediate pain relief
2.    Reduced anxiety and depression
3.    Relaxation
4.    Restful sleep
5.    Euphoria
6.    Calmness

Oxycodone: Signs of abuse

You can tell if a person who has become addicted to this prescription opioid when you see the following
Oxycodone withdrawal signs and symptoms:
1.    Drowsiness and nausea to the point of sleeping
2.    Itching
3.    Vomiting
4.    Extreme sweating
5.    Constipation
6.    Difficulty breathing
7.    Migraines
8.    Dehydration and extreme thirst
9.    Heart problems

Oxycodone (Percocet) Withdrawal Symptoms

When the user is restricted to having another dose, he could suffer from withdrawal symptoms such as
restlessness, muscle pain, and chills.
An opioid addict will eventually show signs of neglect to his responsibilities in his health, family,
business, and work. Behavioral changes like aggressiveness, inability to decide properly, anger,
frustration, and lying are also obvious signs of a person who has been addicted to the drug.

Opioid and Oxycodone Overdose Deaths

Deaths occur usually due to heart and breathing problems, especially when the user takes oxycodone
with another drug that, when combined, can lead to serious respiratory suppression.
An oxycodone addict can gain access to the said drug through doctor-shopping, drug dealers, and
stealing. However, according to the study made by Drug Abuse, over 75% of oxycodone users eventually
switch to heroin just because the latter is much cheaper and easier to purchase, unlike other opioids
that need a doctor’s prescription. Every day, 46 people die in the U.S. because of opioid overdose alone and death records have tripled for the last 20 years.
President Barack Obama once addressed the growing opioid overdose problem that the majority of
these deaths by drug overdose is from legal prescription drugs. The number of deaths from these drugs
is much higher than motor vehicle deaths.

What Oxycodone Withdrawal Remedies Work Best?

If you are addicted to oxycodone (percocet) or other forms of legal and illegal opiate, get help and get clean
immediately. Give yourself time to heal, recover, and relieve symptoms permanently. You can get professional help
and get yourself on an introspective retreat to rebuild yourself and start anew.
To learn more about oxycodone and the effects it can have on you be sure and download this free report: Oxycodone Pain Medicine Facts

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