The #1 OxyContin Abuse and Addiction Recovery Treatment Secret

oxycontin abuse

In case you haven’t heard yet, daily physical EXERCISE is one of the best ways to overcome oxycontin addiction

A lot of individuals struggling with oxycontin addiction suffer from injuries, and with those injuries have come low self esteem. This leads to other unhealthy habits like obesity, bad habits, numerous addictions and much more.

OxyContin Abuse & Addiction CureThat’s why I’m more than happy to tell you that EXERCISE can be your most effective weapon against oxycontin addiction. More specifically – weight training, regardless if you’re male or female. It’s an effective cure for overcoming oxycontin addiction and withdrawal treatment is because:

  • NOTHING improves your confidence quicker
  • NOTHING improves your self image faster
  • NOTHING gives you a better natural high

Weight training for addiction is the best way to feel better fast. And when I say weight training – I don’t mean jumping on a treadmill and walking for a half hour, I mean lifting dumbbells, barbells and using machines to tone and strengthen your arms, chest, back, and legs.

Why I recommend weight training for OxyContin Addiction. 

Something profound happens when you lift weights. You see, It puts your body to work in a way its never been used before. It forces you to do something hard but rewards your efforts by displaying immediate results – and the results can be amazing:

  • You strengthen your body and mind.
  • You get physically stronger and are able to lift heavier weights.
  • You see NEW muscles begin to burst like you’ve NEVER seen before.
  • People begin to notice the drastic changes in your body and will compliment you on how good you look.
  • You create new positive habits that start in the gym. It all starts with one positive habit.
  • Weight bearing activity builds feel good dopamine and other brain chemicals as a reward for your efforts.

The truly fantastic benefits of exercise and weight training are absolutely worth the work. If you build exercise into your daily habits you will not regret it.

The key to ending oxycontin addiction and narcotic abuse is also Activity.

The key to ending oxycontin abuse and addiction is staying ACTIVE. Strive to replace old negative habits with positive new ones. By increasing your positive habits and by setting goals, you can begin to control your oxycontin cravings. Which why weight lifting and exercise is the BEST new habit an addict can have.

If you’re serious about quitting opioids and beating oxycontin addiction, I implore you to get serious about your fitness and your health. You CAN replace your synthetic high with a more powerful natural high by beginning to lift weights today.

sDo this and you will start to make better choices with how you live your life. If there is only one thing I recommend that can change you from the inside out, it’s exercise and weight lifting.

Reilly Johnson
Reilly Johnson
President and Founder of the Opiate Freedom Center. Creator of OFC Supplements and committed to providing straightforward insight and actionable steps to help you recovery. Email me anytime at, Follow on Twitter or Like us on Facebook!