Phosphatidylserine for Mental Health after Narcotic Drug Addiction

Phosphatidylserine for Mental Health after Narcotic Drug Addiction

What is Phosphatidylserine?

Phosphatidylserine (PS) is an amino acid derivative compound that is fat-soluble and found in high amounts in the brain, where it contributes to cognitive functioning.

Where is Phosphatidylserine found?

Found in high amounts in fish, it may improve memory in the elderly and lowers cortisol. It may not necessarily be as well known in the mainstream as other supplements, but the interesting part is that we all have it within our bodies. Though Phosphatidylserine is a component found within our very own cells, there is a big belief that we don’t have it in proper amounts to be able to help us with any related health issues. This is actually a type of fat that you can find in any human beings throughout all of their cells. Though it is found in great concentration, taking higher levels of it may help with mental health function overall and thus the supplement was born.

When you look at something like Phosphatidylserine it is quite different than other supplements. The focus for so many supplements out there is to give your body and your health something that it does not currently have—this is not the case for Phosphatidylserine though and therefore it’s unique and its own category. This can be found within the body, but in many instances regarding narcotics addiction, the supply may be lower overall. This is why we think the Phosphatidylserine supplement, may be effective for mental health after addiction.

Who Can Phosphatidylserine Help?

Therefore by taking it in supplement form it may help to fill in the blanks where necessary. It may help patients who struggle with mental function or brain disorders to get the right dosage and therefore move forward in a healthier way. Taking this in supplement form may help the patient to be healthier, and this may be of great help in proactively manage any mental health conditions. This is a supplement to take on as an needed basis, or simply to fill in any gaps to promote better brain function overall.

How The Supplement Phosphatidylserine Can Help

What you need to understand when looking at the true origin of a supplement such as Phosphatidylserine that there is more to this than with other supplements. In this case you will find that Phosphatidylserine occurs naturally within the body unlike many supplements of its kind. This is an actual natural nutrient found as part of the cell membrane of the cells within the body. You may not get enough of this to support brain health naturally by your own production, and so by taking this nutrient as an actual supplement is the origin or the basis of the story here.

Part of the makeup of Phosphatidylserine is lecithin, which has been available for years in supplemental form. It was only recently though that Phosphatidylserine specifically was made available to the mass market and became mainstream. It was derived from the rains of cows originally and through modern science it was found to be easily harvested and then utilized by humans. So the story is very different than other supplements that come from plants, as this can be pulled from animals to transition into something that can really help humans.

Phosphatidylserine Side Effects and Warnings

This is a bit harder to understand than other supplements and there is a lot of scientific research and work that has been done to get it to this point. It undoubtedly helps patients on a proactive basis, and so the studies and the applications continue to evolve over time. Though Phosphatidylserine has come a long way, it is still not mandated by the FDA nor is it scientifically proven as a dietary supplement and there may be phosphatidylserine side effects.

It has evolved over the years, but there is much more research needed if it is to be accepted as a true medication or dietary supplement—for now though using a naturally occurring compound to help proactively with health issues is working wonders for many patients! Phosphatidylserine supplement, may be effective for mental health after addiction.

Phosphatidylserine for Narcotic Addiction Recovery

What you will find with Phosphatidylserine is that many people look to it for a number of health conditions, some of which may be proven and some not as much. You can enjoy increased brain function, but it is still being researched in terms of how it may help with larger and more comprehensive mental function.

It’s important to note that some of the bigger health issues are directly correlated to how this supplement can help, but some of the smaller or more specific still have yet to be proven. Here are the typical symptoms that may be treated by turning to Phosphatidylserine after narcotic abuse for better mental health.

Phosphatidylserine Benefits:

  • Supporting Brain Function
  • Promoting Increased and Proactive Brain Health
  • Enhancing Memory
  • Improving Focus and Productivity
  • Helping With Mental Health Issues Overall

Phosphatidylserine Effectiveness? What studies have been done?

There have been so many studies carried out surrounding Phosphatidylserine specifically. It was recently examined in terms of its effect on stress. It has a wonderfully effective impact on neurological problems and brain disorders. It is also being looked at in the role that it may play in helping to naturally solve stress. This is still being examined, but the initial results are positive which offers hope to those who want some sort of help in this area through a natural solution.

Understanding if Phosphatidylserine is truly impactful on depression is something that has been researched for many years. It only stands to reason that if this supplement can help to control brain function and focus, that it should help with mental health issues such as depression. Though many patients will tell you that this is a natural and wonderful supplement for depression specifically, medical health experts still don’t agree on this fact. It’s worth trying to use as a natural supplement to help with depression, and therefore this can be reviewed on an individual basis.

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