Supplements for Digestive Health After Addiction

Try Our Probiotics for Immune Health During Your Detox and Addiction Recovery.

Drug and opiate addiction and drug abuse can cause serious damage to your digestive system and can leave you feeling many uncomfortable symptoms. Thankfully probiotics are natural organisms and good bacteria that can help aid the function of your digestive system.

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  • OFC-5-pack


    $169.99 $119.95



    The Freedom 5-Pack™ contains five natural supplements formulated to replenish the areas most depleted by opiate addiction. Our system promotes withdrawal relief and supports your detox at home. Each supplements unique natural nutrients work hard to soothe the body, replenish the mind, boost your mood, promote digestive health and optimize liver function.

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  • Probiotic Plus – Digestive Health

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    1-Month Supply (60 Vegetarian Capsules)

    The OFC’s Probiotic Plus provides 5-Billion living microorganisms which are beneficial, if not essential, for your overall health and well being.

    Specifically, these probiotic strains are recognized for their benefits in promoting a healthy digestive tract and provide immune system support, which may be weakened following an addiction.

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