Emotional Health Supplements.

Learning how to deal with your emotions in a positive and productive manner is critical to a lasting recovery. Because if you can’t control your emotions, you likely can’t recover. Which is why we developed these supplements to help replenish deficiencies that negatively effect your mood and attitude after addiction.

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  • The Ultimate Home Relief System™ (3-Pack)

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    The Ultimate Recovery System’s™ 3-high potency supplements are formulated to support opiate withdrawal relief, easier detox and faster recovery at-home. It’s unique blend of 23-total vitamins, minerals, herbs and essential amino acids work synergistically to provide you maximum nutritional support.

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  • Attitude – Mood Enhancement Formula

    $39.95 $29.97

    30-Day Supply (60 vegetarian capsules)

    ATTITUDE is our custom combination of nutrients intended to help enhance mood, reduce stress and promote a positive emotional outlook during opiate withdrawal and detox.

    Natural Ingredients

    Natural and Safe Ingredients

    30dayguaranteeYour Total Satisfaction is our #1 Priority.

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  • Rest – Sleep & Relief Formula

    $39.95 $29.97

    1-Month Supply / (60 vegetarian capsules) 

    REST is a safe and effective natural muscle relaxant and sleeping formula. It works by flooding the body and brain with powerful calming chemicals making REST remarkably effective at relaxing the body, easing tension and promoting sleep†.

    †Results may vary.

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  • OFC-5-pack


    $169.99 $119.95



    The Freedom 5-Pack™ contains five natural supplements formulated to replenish the areas most depleted by opiate addiction. Our system promotes withdrawal relief and supports your detox at home. Each supplements unique natural nutrients work hard to soothe the body, replenish the mind, boost your mood, promote digestive health and optimize liver function.

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