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Made for the Mind

1-Month Supply (30 Capsules)

ACTION’s proprietary blend of ingredients for the mind are like no other. This remarkable natural formulation consists of critical nutrients to support cognitive function, memory, and mood.

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Key Benefits:

  • Synergistic blend of 9 key ingredients, including Huperzine-A, Phosphatidylserine (PS) supplements can help enhance mental and physical recovery by mitigating stress and boosting mental capacity.
  • Supports Reduced Stress and Promotes Anxiety Relief.
  • Pharmaceutical Grade ingredients like St. John’s Wort, Bacopin and Gingko Biloba are key for mental function.



Vinpocetine – 2 mg – Vinpocetine helps increase levels of glucose consumption by the brain which increases energy to brain cells. Vinpocetine also supports micro circulation though brain capillaries and cerebral blood flow. It also has antioxidant properties. Many studies demonstrate memory benefits.

Bacopa Monniera (20%) – 100 mg – Bacosides are naturally-occurring chemical compounds found in Bacopin and help to fortify Kinase, the protein in the body responsible for replacing worn-out neurons with new ones. This help promote memory by repairing damage to the brain synapse–the protein network in the brain where signals are transmitted from one neuron to another.

Phosphatidylserine Complex – 125 mg – Phosphatidylserine (PS) supplements can help enhance mental and physical performance by mitigating stress and boosting exercise capacity. PS is a valuable supplement for improving performance on the athletic field or on any tasks that require cognitive demand.

DMAE Bitartrate (Dimethylaminoethonal) – 50 mg – It increases the release of sufficient levels of acetylcholine necessary for transmission of messages in the brain from one nerve cell to another. DMAE are used to stimulate your brain, enhancing your ability to pay attention.

Gingko Biloba Extract (as 24% extract) – 50 mg – Study after study demonstrates the benefits of this amazing herb in helping to improve circulation in the brain, increase mental alertness and concentration. Ginkgo is also being researched for possible benefits in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.

St. Johns Wort (as 3% extract) 250 mg – This herb has been called natures Prozac. The use of it dates back hundreds of years and is considered an effective treatment by many for depression and anxiety. It’s also a good natural mood elevator.

L Glutamine (as L-glutamine hydrochloride) – 150 mg – This amino acid is known to play an important role in helping to combat stress, elevate energy levels in the brain and increase mental alertness.

Huperzine-A – 10 mcg – Acts to inhibit the cholinesterase enzyme, making the acetyl-choline brain messenger more available to stimulate neurons. It is used for memory and learning enhancement, and age-related memory impairment.

N-Acetyl-L Carnitine HCI – 50 mg – Is an important antioxidant of the brain and is involved in many aspects of neuronal metabolism. Stimulate neuronal metabolism, the ability to produce energy for the chemical reactions necessary for the brain to work. ALC also increases the release of sufficient levels of acetylcholine necessary for transmission of messages in the brain from one nerve cell to another.


As a dietary supplement, take 1 capsule 1x daily, preferably in the morning or afternoon with meal for best absorption.



Our nutraceutical supplements are proudly Made in the USA. And each ingredient is manufactured and packed in an FDA inspected, state of the art facility. Each bottle is vacuum-sealed for maximum freshness. The supplements are packaged in vegetarian capsules for maximum bio-availability.

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These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

 Additional Information

Other ingredients: Gelatin (bovine), vegetable magnesium stearate, microcrystalline cellulose and silicon dioxide.


CAUTION: This product is manufactured and packaged in a facility which may also process milk, soy, wheat, egg, peanuts, tree nuts, fish and crustacean shellfish. KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN. DO NOT USE IF OUTER SEAL IS DAMAGED OR MISSING. STORE IN COOL, DRY PLACE.

SUGGESTED USE: 1 capsule taken 1 to 2 times daily preferably with meals or as directed by a healthcare professional.

SAFETY INFORMATION: Do not exceed recommended dose. St. John’s Wort may contribute to photosensitivity resulting in skin irritation and redness in persons exposed to strong sunlight or tanning booths. Avoid use in patients at risk of bleeding, taking anticoagulants, or with clotting disorders, based on case reports of bleeding. Discontinue use 2-3 weeks prior to some surgical and dental procedures due to increased risk of bleeding. Use cautiously in patients with history of seizure, based on reports of seizure due to Ginkgo seed ingestion. Use cautiously in children. Avoid use in couples who are trying to conceive, based on theoretical reduction of fertility. Pregnant or nursing mothers, children under 18, individuals taking MAO Inhibiting Drugs, or with a known medical condition should consult a physician before using this or any dietary supplement.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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