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A note to our visitors about the use of supplements, medicinal herbs, vitamins and our OFC Supplements. These products are intended to aid in your recovery from opiates and by no means guarantee’s results.

This site and the product have not been reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease. Although most content is written by myself, I have used several credible resources in order to establish and comment on specific details of withdrawal and opiate addiction recovery. When a specific source or a passage from a published account has been used, I cite it. Mostly though, it is the combination of many hours of research as well as talking with experts in the field and my own experiences with opiate addiction and withdrawal.

The OFC’s Detox-Recovery Supplement System® is indicated for people who are taking narcotic pain killers without -or contrary to- the advice of a doctor. This product is not meant for people who are taking narcotic pain killers in compliance with a physicians’ orders due to a chronic illness, acute injury, chronic pain or for another legitimate medical issue. If you wish to discontinue legitimately prescribed opiate pain killers please see your prescribing physician before taking this or any other product for your withdrawal symptoms.

The information on this site is intended as a reference only and not as medical proof. The information on this site is intended to help you make informed decisions about the effectiveness of the product and smart decisions about your health. This site and the product sold on this site is not intended to be a substitute for any treatments or addiction-management programs currently prescribed by your physician / medical practitioner.

You should consult your physician before taking any therapeutic substances or treatments so that he or she may make an informed decision of its appropriateness based on your medical history. Please use common sense when taking any of the herbs described in this site or before taking the Withdrawal Recovery System® and always take any product as directed on its label. Women who are pregnant or nursing should be especially careful before taking this product or any other herbs before seeking the advice of their physician. If you suspect any allergic reactions from this or any other herbal remedies, please seek professional medical help immediately. Be smart and be safe

Regarding Off-label use for The Ultimate 3-Pack®:

Withdrawal syndromes such as alcohol and benzodiazepine withdrawal can cause seizures and possibly death. Please consult a physician before using for either of these conditions! As always, is designed to help relieve some of the common withdrawal symptoms associated with the cessation of addictive substances and more specifically opiates. Many of the common symptoms of opiate withdrawal are also present in benzodiazepine and alchohol withdrawal. Withdrawal-Recovery may help relieve some of these symptoms but not all. It’s not intended to cure all symptoms and should not be a replacement for ongoing addiction counseling or psychotherapy.


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