Top Resources for Heroin Addiction Treatment Recovery

Top Resources for Heroin Addiction Treatment Recovery

7 Steps to Staying Clean and Getting Treatment from Heroin

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You have decided now is the time for you to say goodbye to your addiction to heroin. Great! But you have a problem – you do not want to go to an inpatient rehab and even outpatient rehab makes you shiver just thinking about it.

That is okay – you can do it at home, but you have to have support. Just like any other addiction, recovering from heroin addiction requires plenty of dedication and knowledge. Even if you think you have got this in the bag, you need support. Unless you take the right steps, you are going to end up right where you left off.

Can you just call up your family and friends and let them know what you are doing? You could, but that might not do you much good. Unless they are well versed in addiction problems and know what is going to happen during the process, they will not be much help. You want them there, but you need other support too. Be sure to check out our article on heroin addiction accountability partners.

So what do you do? Once you commit to quitting your addiction, you can move forward. Set a date, take your final pill and then start the detox process. The next step is to get help. Here are a few resources to get you going.

Step #1. Find a 12-Step Meeting

The one thing you will need the most of when you are in addiction recovery is support. Sure, you could get it from your family and friends, but if none of them have ever gone through addiction, they might not be as supportive as you need. You need to be with people that understand exactly what you are going through and can guide you through the process as occurs at 12-step meetings. This 12-step meeting finder will help you find the meeting closest to your area just by putting in your zip code. You can then decide from there which meeting you want to attend.

Step # 2. Find Sober Living Houses

If you are fresh out of rehab or even if you detoxed on your own, it can be hard to live alone afterwards. With the temptations to go back to your addiction around every corner, sometimes a sober living house is a better option. Cornerstone Care Centers provide free services to help you find a sober living house in your area. If you are eligible, they also provide financial assistance with your housing to help make the process even easier to go through. In addition, they provide family counseling/education to help make your environment as supportive as possible.

Step # 3. Find SMART Recovery Meetings

SMART Recovery meetings are different from the 12-step method. This 4-step method deals with motivating you to get sober, dealing with cravings, reframing your thoughts, and learning to balance your life. The meetings are free to attend and they even offer 24/7 online support so that you are never alone in the recovery process. Visit their website to find a meeting in your area!

Step # 4. Get Support Online from NA

You might not want to attend an NA meeting in person, but you can still get the support at home around-the-clock. NA online provides you with access to chat rooms filled with people just like you. Professionals do not recommend that you replace in person meetings with the online chat, but rather supplement your visits with the online support, giving you support 24/7, so make sure you get to in person meetings once in a while as well.

Click here to find a NA meeting meeting near you.

5. Get Out of the House

Once you detox and are in the recovery phase, you need to get out of the house. Just sitting around staring at four walls is going to drive you crazy. Instead, find something productive to do with your time. One of the best things you can do is volunteering your time. By helping people in need, you can make yourself feel good, which can further your desire to stay sober. If you do not know where to volunteer in your area, check out Volunteer Match where you can find the perfect opportunity in your area. Check out our article on weight lifting for another reason to get out of the house.

6. Recovery from heroin is VERY Possible At-Home

At home recovery is not impossible, but it does take some dedication and hard work. You will likely need supplements and you should not hesitate to get medical attention should you not feel right. Not every detox process goes as planned, so make sure that 911 is a part of your resource guide.

If you let your family and friends know of your plans to detox, hopefully they will check in on you too so that you know you are in good hands. Once you detox, though, you will still need help. Check out the above resources to help you get started on the road to the right support. No matter how strong you think you are, you need people in your corner when the going gets tough and trust me, it is going to get tough time and time again. And don’t forget to check out our at-home detox supplements.

7. Creating Your Plan of Action

1)   Read Inspiring Books – What I felt really helped me get clean is the fantastic information I found (which I try to share on this site). I felt like I had a big advantage elf help book like, “As a man thinketh” , Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins,

2)   Learn – Look into going back to school if you’re uneducated or not earning much of an income. Many times if you earn under $16,000 year the US government will pay for your entire schooling with a Pell Grant!

3)  Get Self Employed Start your own business. It’s really pretty easy to start your own business these days and TONZ of people do it, and are successful. Drive around your local town and you’ll see small business in every walk of life.

4)   Goal Setting – Plan your future. Plan your tomorrow, today.

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