Opana Painkiller Addiction: A Deadly Narcotic

opana addiction

Opana is now one of the deadliest narcotics in America.

Opana is often considered the most powerful prescription narcotic painkiller in America, oxycontin has found itself coming in second place to these even more addictive opioid painkillers, Opana.

Opana® (Oxymorphone, Numorphan®, Numorphone®) is related to morphine, much in the same fashion as oxycodone is to codiene.

All of these painkillers are derived from thebaine, however, Opana has been found to be 6-8 times more potent than morphine, classifying it as the strongest prescription painkiller on today’s market. This makes opana addiction highly likely.

Opana’s Powerful Side-Effects

Opana addictions effects are quite similar to those of morphine, but with users experiencing a more euphoric high and less of the itchiness noted with morphine. Patients have noted both an increase and a decrease in nausea and vomiting, all dependent on the individual using the drug.

What Type of Pain Treatments Is the Painkiller Opana Prescribed for?

Opana is most commonly used in the treatment of moderate to severe pain and is indicated for use as a preoperative medication to maintain anesthesia, as an obstetric analgesic, and to alleviate apprehension. Treatments could be cancer, surgery, broken bones or many other things.

Opana is a high risk medication for being habit forming in those that use it recreationally, as it has been rated the drug with the highest euphoric properties, surpassing morphine, heroin, and hydromorphone.

Opana Addiction: The Signs and Symptoms

Opana addiction can occur very quickly and easily, making this a very serious opiate not to be taken lightly. And opana withdrawal symptoms can be some of the worst one can experience.

Opana addiction being 6-8 times stronger than morphine, will no doubt be sweeping the nation, much as they did with oxycontin. With doctors prescribing this narcotic at an alarming rate, this drug is readily available and we will continue to see the number of abuse and overdose cases rising.

Opana Withdrawal Symptoms

Opana abuse and overdose withdrawal symptoms have much in common with other opioids. One will experience:

loss of appetite,
respiratory depression,
extreme somnolence,
cold and clammy skin,
nausea, lightheadedness,
headache, and
Severe overdose cases will see circulatory collapse, apnea, cardiac arrest, coma, and possibly death.

Opana Withdrawal Remedies

If you or a loved one has Opana addiction and are now battling  opana withdrawal and detox, there are remedies and options readily available to you. We at the Opiate Freedom Center know how serious opana addiction is and how difficult breaking a habit can be. Rehabs are costly and most do not have the thousands of dollars needed to seek help at one. That’s why our program is designed to give addicts the knowledge that they need to get through withdrawals with minimal suffering. We are here to help you move forward in your life by controlling and ending the cravings and developing new life habits to aide you in conquering your addictions once and for all.


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