Vinpocetine for Better Brain Function After Addiction

Vinpocetine for Better Brain Function After Addiction

vinpocetine for brain enhancement

Vinpocetine is a compound from the Periwinkle plant that is used as a cognitive protective and anti-aging agent. One of the more common of the nootropics, Vinpocetine may enhance blood flow and is touted to increase memory; *this latter claim has not been investigated.

Vinpocetine (Seeds) for Opiate Withdrawals

This is one of those supplements that is a bit more readily recognized and understood overall. The Vinpoectine seeds are extracted directly from the periwinkle plant, and so this has more of a mainstream understanding due to its origin.

Though you may not necessarily look at this common flower as a powerful supplement, it is the seeds that offer the greatest help in this scenario. Vinpocetine seeds are nothing new though they have recently found their way into the mainstream. With a push towards natural and holistic medicine, this particular supplement continues to grow in its uses and overall applications.

Taking Vinpocetine as a Mental Health Supplement

Taking Vinpoctine seeds is something that has been commonplace in many parts of the world for years. It has been taken for years within Asian cultures and it grew over time into parts of Europe. The true appreciation and understanding of how Vinpocetine seeds can help to improve memory have evolved into a widespread and accepted supplement, and so more and more people are turning to it to help with this function. Though there are medications that may help, the reality is that people would much rather turn to a supplement such as this which may help without the side effects or added health concerns.

Vinpocetine for brain health and recovery continues to grow into the main stream more and more.

This is often taken by athletes to enhance or help along their performance, but the uses continue to grow into the mainstream. It was originally brought into the mainstream to help those athletes who may need extra oxygenation and blood flow such as skiers or hikers who perform in higher altitudes. By using it to enhance brain circulation and use many believed that it could help with a number of other health conditions, and so its usage and overall growth have taken off from there.

vinpocetine in a cup

This is likely one of the most common and widely used supplements out there. It is helping people everywhere to remember things more easily and to enjoy better brain function overall. This is one of the supplements that others look to when they try to describe the true and lasting benefits of homeopathic or holistic medicine overall.

How was Vinpocetine Discovered? 

The history to this vinpocetine supplement is quite interesting overall. Though other parts of the periwinkle plant had been traditionally used, it was in Hungary that the seeds alone were isolated and researched in terms of their potential advantage. Vinca or the violent plant has been planted in gardens for years, and that has been happening all over the world. The seeds though were looked to as the rest of the plant has offered help and so the belief was that this specific part of the plant would be no different.

Over the course of time vincamine which is the supplement from the actual flower and plant has been used to treat dementia and has had great success. So the belief of scientists was that if the plant could help then the seeds could, and so they enjoyed great success in their findings. They found that Vinpoctine seeds offered much of the same type of benefit and so the studies continued over time, particularly within parts of Europe who were keen to this idea where the original discovery of the seeds took place.

What’s Vinpocetine Made Of?

Vinpocetine seeds are a direct derivative of the alkaloid vincamine and is found within very small amounts of the seeds in this plant. It has a history in helping people with extreme fatigue, but the medical uses continued to be looked into and have grown over time. Though the story is still continuing to unfold as there may be additional uses such as for bleeding disorders, it has been widely accepted for helping with mental function. The roots and origin of Vinpoctine lie very close to the use of the periwinkle plant and all of its various parts—all of which have a significant place in holistic medicine.

What Opioid Detox Symptoms Can Be Treated BEST by Supplementing with Vinpocetine?

There are actually a growing number of health conditions that Vinpoctine seeds may help. There are the primary uses and then there are the ones that may be secondary or for which additional research is needed to prove. At the end of it all Vinpoctine seeds work by increasing blood flow to the brain. This is therefore looked to for the many mental health applications, but you can also see why it has helped athletes improve their performance too.

Vinpocetine Benefits

Taking Vinpoctine seeds as a supplement means that you can enjoy a direct benefit through increased brain function, but that you may also help with other physical health symptoms. The extent to which it may help with other issues besides improved brain function is not yet recognized, but it is definitely being researched overall.

The extensive use of Vinpoctine seeds has much to do with the fact that many brain disorders have been found to be caused from circulatory issues, and so the rationale and continued use makes sense. Here are the primary ways that Vinpoctine seeds can help and what type of symptoms it may help overall.

  • Helps With Memory Enhancement and Improved Brain Function
  • Helps With Mental Health Issues and Improving Quality of Life
  • May Help With Extreme Exhaustion
  • May Help With Improved Focus and Productivity
  • Is Looked To As Possibly Protecting the Heart
  • Is Looked To As Possibly Helping To Improve Visual and Hearing Functions

So How Effective is Vinpocetine for Brain Function and Memory Enhancement after opiate addiction? 

As there is so much help to be found through Vinpoctine seeds with improved mental function it only stands to reason that many health experts want to expand upon the benefits. In recent studies this supplement has been looked to in helping with dementia specifically. The results are skewed though there is hope that this may be a helpful supplement to turn to for early onset of dementia, for treating it early may offer the very best hope.


There are so many wonderful benefits to taking this supplement as part of daily life. This particular study looked at the effectiveness of Vinpoctine seeds for a number of cognitive disorders. As it has offered help to those who needed improved mental function, it only stands to reason that it may help with other related issues. The results of this study were quite positive, and so it is believed that it will help with an increasing number of memory or mental health issues overall.

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